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Mum Creates Incredible Harry Potter Furniture Using £1 Book

Mum Creates Incredible Harry Potter Furniture Using £1 Book

What is this sorcery?

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

If you're a Potterhead, you are going to be flawed by the DIY job this mum did on her house using £1 second-hand books.

Mum-of-two Kylie Lyons, from Darlington, turned walls, furniture and doors into a homage to her favourite literary series, using Harry Potter books she bought in a car boot sale and had laying around. And no, she had no help from a house elf.

Kylie used books she's picked up for £1 from car boot sales (
Latest Deals/Kylie Lyons)

The 27-year-old transformed her house using pages from several of the much-loved J.K.Rowling novels, in what she describes as a simple and affordable process.

And it looks incredible.

Kylie told "I collect old Harry Potter books mainly from car boot sales and charity shops for cheap and didn't have anything I could use them for.

"I had seen people use them for different crafts and I wanted to make my own.

"That's when I saw some wallpaper that had a similar pattern on it and thought I could use one of the books to make my own effect."

Kylie coated her bedroom door in Harry Potter pages to give it a lift (
Latest Deals/Kylie Lyons)

First, Kylie tried it out on her bedroom door 'because it was so boring she wanted to liven it up a bit'.

Once that worked out well, she decided to plaster more pages onto walls and furniture, safe in the knowledge it was going to look great.

Next she chose a wall to cover and soon she was getting swept up in the Potter madness and decided her chest of drawers needed the magical treatment too.

She said it's simple to achieve too - almost like a swish and flick of a wand. Commenting: "All you need is the item you want to Potter-fy, PVA glue, a paintbrush or just a normal sponge, and varnish to seal it."

The books themselves cost just £1, whilst for the chest of drawers she splashed £24 on pewter handles, £3.99 on PVA glue and she already owned varnish so didn't need to spend anything on that.

Explaining how to achieve the look of the chest of drawers, Kylie said: "Put a thin layer of PVA on the item, place the page how you want it, then just go over the page with some more PVA.

The pages acted as a fabulous wallpaper alternative (
Latest Deals/Kylie Lyons)

"Don't worry if it bubbles - just get as many as you can out and the rest will go as the paper dries.

"Once it's dried, just go over that with a layer or two of varnish with either a brush or a sponge."

Kylie is over the moon with how the transformation turned out.

"It's such a simple process but adds so much life to the piece," she said.

Kylie was inspired by other people who had used pages to decorate their homes and a Harry Potter wallpaper that was similar (
Latest Deals/Kylie Lyons)

Of course, if you're not a Hazza fanatic, you could quite easily do this with other classic books.

From Peter Rabbit to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Little Women to Pride and Prejudice, the literary world is your oyster.

As for us, we're so impressed with Kylie's HP look, we think we'll opt for that. Yer, a wizard, Kylie.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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