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​Woman Creates Spell-Binding Harry Potter Bedroom For Her Kids For £69

​Woman Creates Spell-Binding Harry Potter Bedroom For Her Kids For £69

Mischief managed!

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

A woman has created a magical bedroom for her children and the whole thing cost her £69.

Mum of nine Lisa Barber, has two sons who share a room and are both obsessed with Harry Potter, so wanted to give them their dream bedroom, but didn't want to spend hundreds on official HP decor.

Instead, the 38-year-old from Somerset got creative, making an incredible and unique room for her boys George, 13 and Sidney, 10.

She first picked the wallpapers, one for a bookcase that looked like real life book spines for £13.99 from Amazon, plus one that made the walls look like they were made of stone to bring a Hogwarts castle feel to the room for £8.99.

The most expensive single item was wallpaper and a mural for £13.99 apiece (
Lisa Barber)

The other most expensive item was a brickwork door mural complete with luggage trolley from Amazon for £13.99. This enabled her to recreate Platform 9 and 3/4 - vital to any HP-themed room.

From there she went DIY mad and hunted for bargains to create accessories and furniture and we are seriously impressed.

She printed out Hogwarts house rules and Hogwarts train tickets at the library for 35p a print and bought cheap frames from Poundland to mount them.

The floating candles look seriously spooky (
Lisa Barber)

As for the light up picture box featuring a quote from the film and the Harry Potter newspaper, she managed to bag them on sale in Primark for £1.50 each.

But the most captivating frame has got to be the one containing wands. Lisa created this by purchasing cheap chopsticks and a frame in the sale that she textured with a glue gun and painted gold using £2 B&Q paint.

She even put name tags under each wand (one naturally was for Harry Potter himself) and one each for the boys.

She continued around the room, using old chests and desks she had at home - and buying one for just a tenner - and upcycling them to give them more of an old Hogwarts castle feel.

Lisa has three sons, but created the room for George and Sidney who share a bedroom (
Lisa Barber)

The chest of drawers she even made to look like luggage!

But stealing the show of course are the floating candles and book shelves.

She created the candles simply using kitchen roll inserts and used the hot glue gun to create 'wax drips' before painting them. She finished them with battery operated tea lights and threaded clear fishing wire through the tops before attaching to the ceiling using drawing pins, so that they appeared to float.

To decorate the frames she used a glue gun and paint (
Lisa Barber)

They look seriously magical - as do the shelves made from real books she picked up at charity shops, which she painted and decorated, dusting the edges with gold paint. She then attached to the wall using an L shaped bracket to give the illusion that they're floating - spooky!

Lisa even went as far as to decorate the lampshade, painting the faces of the cast on it in black acrylic paint - it looks really effective.

The whole thing, with a few pieces of second hand furniture, paint and materials cost £68, something Lisa is extremely proud of.

She made the wands using chopsticks, a glue gun and paint (
Lisa Barber)

She told Tyla: "I love making unique things especially when saving loads of money.

"I found this way to be a lot cheaper then buying all the Harry Potter wallpaper".

And who said you need all the branded Potter gear to create an imaginative room? Like Hermione Granger says: "I mean, it's sort of exciting, isn't it, breaking the rules?" Amen.

She painted on the lampshade with acrylic paint (
Lisa Barber)

We wish were this creative. Lisa, can you do our rooms next please?

Featured Image Credit: Lisa Barber

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