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People Are Going Mad For These Extra AF Ugg Slippers In Lockdown

People Are Going Mad For These Extra AF Ugg Slippers In Lockdown

There's a new UGG in town - and it's the extra AF slipper we didn't know we needed.

Ladies and gentlemen, please take a moment for... The Fuzzette.


It's cartoonishly big. It's eye-popping levels of bright. It's oh-so-fluffy.

Frankly, these are the ultimate shoes for lockdown hibernation.

The Fuzzette is poles apart from the cosy, camel-coloured UGGs that have been a cornerstone of the footwear world since they became a noughties cult favourite.

We can't decide whether we want to wear Fuzzettes, or cuddle them.


Let's talk design for a second.

These faux fur creations are a cross between a fluffy slipper and a slide - who doesn't love a hybrid, eh?


That equals fluffy-as-hell cross straps and silky, deep-cushioned sheepskin footbeds.

The upper, lining and insole are all made from the softest 10mm sheepskin - that's basically like a hug for your foot.

Meanwhile, the comfy outdoor-appropriate Treadlite outsoles mean these bad boys aren't limited to the house - so you can rock 'em on your government sanctioned walk, too.

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And of course, there's the dinky woven label complete with UGG logo to round off the look.

Best of all, Fuzzettes come in a rainbow of delicious summer-ready sorbet and pastel shades.

Think shades like Retro Mint, Margarita Yellow and Beverly Pink - all of which are sure to turn heads.

Or, if you like your footwear animalistic, you can buy Fuzzettes in leopard print.


UGG recommend pairing the fun statement slides with jeans and a basic typographic tee "to let the fluff speak for itself".

Alternatively, you can double the fluff by pairing your Fuzzettes with your favourite faux fur accessories.

The furry slippers don't come cheap - a pair will set you back somewhere in the region of £70-£100 (or $80-$100 in the US).

But then, can you really put a price on footwear that resembles your favourite Sesame Street character?

Fuzzettes are giving us all the warm and fuzzy feels - in the most literal sense.

We're calling it, these are the shoes of the summer. You heard it here first.

Featured Image Credit: UGG

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Mary-Jane Wiltsher

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