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People Are Going Mad For These Anti-Fog Wipes For Glasses

People Are Going Mad For These Anti-Fog Wipes For Glasses

The innovative wipe uses special technology to keep your glasses fog-free for 24 hours.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Glasses wearers will be all too familiar with the daily nuisance of lens fogging.

It happens whenever you enter a warm building on a cold day, when you open the oven to check on your spuds and, since face masks were introduced, pretty much any time you breathe.

You take a breath and all of a sudden your glasses have steamed up rendering them completely useless for stuff like, erm, seeing. Kind of defeats the object of having them in the first place, no? Sigh.

Luckily, help is at hand in the form of an innovative new glasses wipe which is set to save glasses wearers who have to wear a face mask during the day for work or otherwise.

The innovative technology promises fog-free glasses for 24 hours (

The Anti-Fog Eyeglass Cloth, sold on Amazon for just £5.99, promises 24 hours of no fogging with just a few wipes.

Before you think you're being ripped off, this isn't any old glasses cleaner. The innovative wipe is covered in a superhydrophilic coating which - when wiped on to your glasses - condenses water droplets into transparent water film so the lens remain clear.

According to the seller: "The water vapour will be evenly distributed in a thin layer on the lens, instead of forming small water droplets that hinder the sight. So you are no longer troubled by fog."

Clever, eh?

Glasses and condensation so not get along (

If you were sceptical about paying £6 for a piece of cloth, maybe the five star reviews can quell your fears?

Out of 27 reviews so far, the wipe has achieved 4.5 stars with many shoppers praising them.

"Bought for my fiancée who is a tattooist and was struggling with her mask causing her glasses to fog whilst working," wrote one customer. "She used the cloth as directed and it has worked like a dream. Would recommend 100%. Not sure how it works but it does the job perfectly."

"My mask no longer mist up," simply said another.

"Really impressed with delivery only ordered yesterday and was delivered next day instead of Monday. Works like its says on the box. Happy customer," said another.

"Definitely works," added a fourth.

It works using a special anti-fog coating (

We predict this product will be a savour for those glasses-wearers who have to wear a mask all day in these pandemic times!

The Anti-Fog Eyeglass Cloth is available to buy on Amazon for £5.99 now.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon

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