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You Can Now Buy The Bag That Taylor Swift Carries Her Cat In

You Can Now Buy The Bag That Taylor Swift Carries Her Cat In

Now you can look as chic as Taylor and Olivia.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Taylor Swift's documentary recently landed on Netflix, which gave us an in depth look into the popstar's life.

But while the programme, Miss Americana, covered important topics, it also showed Taylor carrying her cat in a backpack and we were instantly distracted.

Whilst we aren't too sure how our own cat will feel about the rucksack, we think it looks so chic. Taylor, 30, and her cat Olivia showed it off beautifully and we are now obsessed.

It has been claimed that Taylor is carrying around this pet carrier by Anxuan and if that's true, she loves herself a bargain because the bag works out at £41 when translated from dollars to pounds.

This bag is nearly identical to Taylor's bag and ships to the UK (

Because it is on Amazon US' site though, the bag goes up to £64.62 once taxes and shipping fees have been added.

The brown version is sold out however, so it's only up for grabs in pink and yellow, which tbh are so much cuter than brown, right?

Whilst we're not certain this is her exact bag, it's pretty damn similar, achieves the look and ships to the UK.

People who have bought it seem pretty pleased with it too.

One reviewer said: "Purchased for an 8 week old kitten, and I can't tell you how much he LOVES going for outings and how many people stop me to pet him and look at him [...]".

Another said: "I was amazed by the quality of this product. I would expect to pay a lot more for something this nice!! My cat took no issue with being put in it. I walked around a little while to access her stress levels. She was relaxed laying down when I got her out. I highly recommend this carrier!"

A third added: "Our cats Love this Carrier! They even love to sit in it when we're not going anywhere! They also look adorable in it! Light weight, easy to use, cats Love it, and I love it!"

Taylor Swift's documentary 'Miss Americana' is currently on Netflix (

While most were pleased with their purchase, there were a few reviews that suggested their cats hated being put in the backpack and cried whilst in it - not so ideal.

We can't tell you whether your furry feline is going to be on board with the rucksack vibe, so you'll have to assess how they react on purchase (and take note of their response). But if they do dig it, you're going to be one chic cat mama.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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