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You can now buy perfume that smells like the Yellow Pages catalogue

You can now buy perfume that smells like the Yellow Pages catalogue

We can smell the nostalgia from here

It’s strange how some scents take you back in time, like the smell of play dough in childhood or roast dinners at Christmas.

Well, one perfume hopes to take us back to the nineties with a Yellow Pages scent – which evokes the iconic phone book.

Though it’s not been printed since 2019, the iconic business catalogue lives on thanks to some clever marketing.

Created by Yell, the brand behind the brightly coloured phonebook, the nostalgic scent has been described as ‘timeless’ and ‘familiar’.

The Yellow Pages perfume has been released by Yell.

In a press release, the company said that Eau de Yellow Pages was ‘created to transport the mind and the senses to a time when the iconic yellow book was a mainstay of homes up and down the country’.

For those of you wondering what it takes to recapture that classic childhood scent, the perfume has notes of bergamot, woody cedar and musk.

There’s even a little lemon and sweet vanilla, to give the perfume that new book smell.

Yell has also revealed that these smells will ‘interact with one another to create a unique scent profile to awaken memories of leafing through a Yellow Pages or receiving a brand-new copy on your doorstep’.

The nostalgic scent will certainly provide a blast from the past, as the last edition of the Yellow Pages was released in 2019 – ending 53 years of being the go-to business directory.

Having existed since 1966 and printed almost a billion copies, most of us will be familiar with the signature scent when the book landed on our doorstep each year.

If you want to recapture your youth though, you’ll have to be quick as Yell has stated that there will be a limited run of the perfume.

It isn't the only brand to launch a strange signature scent, though.

The new scent will have nineties and noughties babies feeling nostalgic.
Getty/Catherine McQueen

Back in 2008, Burger King launched its own meaty perfume, which was appropriately named, Flame.

At the time, the fast-food restaurant claimed the scent was seductive ‘with a hint of flame-broiled meat’ (Yes, really).

Eager to get a slice of the action, Pizza Hut later released a limited-edition perfume to celebrate reaching 100,000 Facebook fans.

Only available in Canada, the 2012 scent was said to smell like freshly baked pizza dough and only 110 bottles were ever made. (Hardly surprising, is it?)

Featured Image Credit: Yell/Getty

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