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Shoppers Are Praising Woman's Hilariously Honest Zara Snap

Shoppers Are Praising Woman's Hilariously Honest Zara Snap

We love this.

A woman is being praised for sharing a hilariously honest picture after trying on a dress from Zara.

The popular high street fashion retailer is renowned for its on trend style and shall we say unique modelling images.

People were reduced to tears after writer and performer Tova Leigh took to Instagram to post a side-by-side image of a short blue sleeveless dress next to her own mirror selfie while wearing it.

The dress in question. (

It's fair to say it did not look the same as in the official Zara image.

Tova captioned the picture: "Another successful visit to Zara".

Her followers loved her honesty, and took to the comments to share their compliments.

People are loving Tova Leigh's picture. (

One Instagram user wrote: “Tooooo good”.

While one woman said: “Oh I love this.”

After one woman asked why Tova 'didn’t try your own size', she replied: “It was a large which IS my size”.

Another Instagram user quipped: “It's all about the right light.”

And another woman said: “Oh I can relate!”

Tova tried on a dress from a Zara store. (

Someone else joked: “It's the leg pop for me”.

Last year we told you about TikToker Remi Bader who posted her very own Zara try on haul by recreating some of the pictures on the website - and the results are hilarious.

The first outfit Remi recreates is an orange and red look. She starts by showing a picture from the clothing website of a model wearing 'flowy belted shorts' and an orange long-sleeve shirt while balancing on an exercise ball in various poses.

"Why are we sitting like that on a bouncy ball," says Remi after showing pictures of her recreating the poses in from the unusual photoshoot. "Whose idea, tell me right now I need to know!"

In other Zara news, UK customers will now have to pay a fee to return items that were purchased online.

Those who choose to return items to third-party drop-off points across the country will now be charged a £1.95 fee, which is taken from the refund sum.

You can read more about the change in policy here.

Featured Image Credit: Zara/@Tova_Leigh/Instagram

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