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People Are Super Confused About 'Bum Rip' Jeans

People Are Super Confused About 'Bum Rip' Jeans

Topshop's new bum rip jeans have people confused, upset, and raging at the fashion industry.

Topshop has released a pair of jeans with a huge rip right underneath the right butt cheek that has people extremely confused.

The jeans are listed on the e-retailer ASOS - which is now the only place you can buy Topshop - and costs £42.99.

Though they look like any normal pair of blue bleach-washed jeans, they have one singular rip underneath the right butt cheek... and no rips anywhere else.

In every other aspect, they look like normal jeans. (

Though Topshop are not the first fashion brand to come out with bum rip jeans, this pair has really caused a stir on social media.

One person wrote, "I surely did not just see Topshop selling jeans that you can buy with a legit bum rip, I'm talking big hole in them just below the but cheek and charging you £43 for the privilege."

"Explain the thought process behind this! Someone! Anyone!" they continued.

Another said, "I find a cute pair of jeans and they'll have a rip at the bum, who's buying these and where are u [sic] wearing them?"

ASOS and Topshop are not the only retailer to put out bum rip jeans. (
Pretty Little Thing)

A third pointed out that the rip would likely get bigger "every single time you sit down and get up" until all you're left with are un-hemmed shorts.

This is not uncommon, as someone previously tweeted a story about when it happened: "Remember when I saw Kylie Jenner with a pair of jeans [that had a] bum rip, so I took my scissors and made a small rip in the bum of my Jamie Topshop jeans, got in the taxi, and as I sat, the rip full on ripped seam to seam so I had to go on a night out with my full left cheek out."


As the tweeter noted, many celebrities including Kylie Jenner has worn bum rip jeans before, making them the latest in the long line of jean trends.

Though there are only two reviews underneath the ASOS listing, the jeans do have a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Featured Image Credit: ASOS/Topshop

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