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People left confused over children's maths question that seems super simple

People left confused over children's maths question that seems super simple

The question should be pretty easy, but a lot of people are very, very confused

Although it seems super simple, a children’s maths question has left people totally confused.

School tests and exams used to feel like the most stressful days of our young lives. Frantically switching off your phone outside the door, praying the cramming you did for weeks before actually stuck, and trying to ignore the knot in your belly as you sit down.

And those sweaty palms, weak knees and heavy arms are rushing back as plenty of us are just stumped by this kids’ question.

I mean, as fully grown adults, it should be pretty simple right?

The days of showing our working out and adding up how much flour Lucy needs to make a cake for three are supposed to be behind us.

But this question shared to social media by @yawdmontweet is totally baffling many of us – and no I’m not admitting to including myself here.

This question has left people absolutely baffled.
Twitter / yawdmontweet

They shared a snap of the children’s question with the caption: “Jah know start diss a hurt mi head”.

The question asks: “What is the closest time to midnight?”

There’s four possible answers to give us plenty of choice. AKA, to give us enough to scramble our heads.

They include: “A. 11:55am, B. 12:06am, C. 11:50am and D. 12:03am.”

So, apparently, it’s really obvious.

And if the question didn't confuse you, people's responses might hurt your head.

The answer is D because it’s 3 minutes after midnight.

It’s somewhat understandable why people are so confused to be honest with many of us often being a bit baffled over midnight being at am and not pm. But it seems a lot of people knew that already.

Some folks did suggest the answer was actually A with the justification it was the closest to midnight, without having to go back in time.

But a whole load did suggests the answer is D and that’s simply because, well it is the answer.

One user even resorted to asking ChatGPT for the answer, which obviously got it right.

Another explained: “Clearly a lot of children have been left behind. The answer is D!!! “To” just means closest to the time itself, not insinuating that it’s necessarily before midnight.”

It just gets more confusing the more you read people’s responses though, with someone writing: “Besides D being the answer, if we’re being technical and using to as in before, so closest time before midnight (12:00am) then it would be A.11:55am.

“If it’s generally, what’s the closest time next to midnight then it would be 12:03 am.”

With another putting: “What time is midnight? And does midnight belongs to tomorrow or the present day?”

And one Twitter user joked: “Choose the time that’s best for y’all.”

That’s enough ‘maths’ for one day I think.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels / Twitter / yawdmontweet

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