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Woman praised for 'valid' personal reason behind why she cancelled Vinted order for customer

Woman praised for 'valid' personal reason behind why she cancelled Vinted order for customer

People rushed in to share their support for the gal

It's always a bit of a pain when you're buzzing to receive something in the post, only for it to never show up.

Now, we all love a good Vinted shopping spree but, from time to time, things either get lost in the post, items aren't exactly how we'd imagined or some sellers just downright don't send off the package.

But there is sometimes an extremely understandable explanation as to why certain Vinted sellers don't follow through with the sale, and one woman has since been praised for her 'valid' personal reason behind why she cancelled an order.

One X user took to the social media platform to share the anecdote of their friend.

They shared a glimpse of the exchange, captioning the post: "My friend sent me this earlier. She ordered a skirt off Vinted and after two weeks of waiting, the order was cancelled.

"Check out the reason given."

The seller had a valid reason for pulling out.
Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Below the caption was a screenshot of the Vinted chat which saw a denim skirt listed for a cheap and cheerful £4.

However, an automated response from the pre-loved selling marketplace explained: "The seller cancelled the order."

When prompted to give a reason for doing so, the seller penned: "My bf cheated on me n I can't leave my bed."




Vinted did, however, assure the buyer: "Your order has been cancelled, so you'll receive a refund."

Dozens have since rushed in to share their reactions to the ordeal with one Twitter user writing: "Fair enough, I hope she’s okay tho lmao!"


"She’s so real for that," praised a second while a third penned: "Can’t even be mad at that."

A fourth sympathised: "Damn, I hope she’s ok!"

"Honestly, fair enough," quipped a fifth while a sixth piped up: "1000% support that!"

"Aw babe I get it," offered a seventh while another called the whole thing 'very valid'.

"That’s bloody awful," commented an eighth, while a ninth pointed out: "At least you got the money!"

"He ain’t worth it babe," supported another while a final Twitter user echoed: "That's awful but how much power do people give their partners over their lives?!

"I get it, I've been there but I'll be damned if I give anyone the satisfaction of ruining my plans even further."

Very good point indeed.

So, before you get yourself in a tizzy the next time your Vinted order gets unexpectedly cancelled - maybe have a lil more understanding as the seller may be going through a right mare of their own.

Featured Image Credit: Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images / X/@‌jnoley

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