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Mum defends her 'inappropriate' supermarket outfit after 'getting looks' from strangers

Mum defends her 'inappropriate' supermarket outfit after 'getting looks' from strangers

"Love the skin you're in"

A mum has defended her 'inappropriate' supermarket outfit after 'getting looks' from strangers.

TikToker Nix (@nicola_patpat) was open about her thoughts on the matter, and took the opportunity to share a body positive statement to those who might have experienced something similar.

In a clip shared earlier this week, the mum filmed herself sitting in her car wearing the outfit in question, which, as you'll see, is a nice grey two-piece.

But just moments prior, while in the supermarket minding her own business, Nix said she was 'getting looks' from other shoppers.

"It's one of them things, I bet you somebody's probably looked at me and thought 'who does she think she is weird in that' or 'it's freezing', 'she's got her belly out' and all this," she says.

Although a little part of her felt insecure about this, the other part thought 'f*** that', adding: "My body has produced an absolutely beautiful child.

"If I wanted to rock whatever I've got, I'm going to do it. So yeah, I went through the supermarket like this and I don't care."

"It's your skin - love the skin you're in," she added, before finishing her video by saying, "Just rock what you've got... just rock what you've f***ing got."

This is just the kind of relatable and uplifting content we need, and it's safe to say the TikTok community agrees.

Nix shared a body positive statement while telling people to 'rock what they've got'.

Taking to the comments section, one wrote, "Ignore the haters. I wish I had the confidence you do. You look amazing. Keep doing you."

"You look amazing. I need to take your advice and just go for it," said another, while a third added, "Yes mrs I need to take your advice and you are defo rocking what you have got."

A fourth chimed in, "I bet someone else looked at you tho and thought I wish I had the confidence to wear that!! You look amazing babe."

Others were more interested in her amazing 'fit, with one asking, "Where’s your outfit from? I LOVE IT!"

In case you're wondering, it's from Shein - you're welcome.

A similar incident unfolded at a restaurant in Finland last December when a woman was kicked out because her outfit was deemed 'inappropriate'.

Erika Helin said a 'jerk' of a security guard booted her from the diner in the capital of Helsinki because of her attire.

The offending outfit.

The OnlyFans star had been wearing a pink bralette top, which she paired with a black mini skirt, heels and a matching bag.

According to Finnish publication Seiska, Erika posted on Instagram: "I was focused on a good-natured conversation with my friends, then suddenly a jerk came to take me out of it, told me that I had to leave.

"I walked out of the bar without objecting in any way, and when he got there he loudly criticised my choice of outfit."

But they say all's well that ends well, and Erika has since shared an Instagram story with her 116,000 followers, explaining that the manager had apparently called her to make amends.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@nicola_patpat

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