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Woman left 'appalled' after restaurant banned her boyfriend for wearing 'smart grey tracksuit'

Woman left 'appalled' after restaurant banned her boyfriend for wearing 'smart grey tracksuit'

She was totally gobsmacked by the restaurant's strict dress-code policy

One woman has been left reeling in shock after a popular steakhouse restaurant banned her boyfriend for his choice of outfit.

She revealed Miller & Carter's decision to refuse entry to her partner wearing a 'smart grey tracksuit' left her totally 'appalled'.

The steakhouse has since hit back against the one-star review the woman left.

The woman, Danni, was left feeling 'discriminated' against by Miller & Carter after they refused her boyfriend entry for wearing a tracksuit.

Bear in mind, the steakhouse chain does have a dress code that excludes sportswear from entering their doors.

The woman said she was completely 'appalled' after her boyfriend was kicked out the establishment.
Miller and Carter Washford Mill / Google

Its official website reads: "We like to think that dining at Miller and Carter is a bit of a treat, and many of our guests like to dress up to celebrate their special occasions.

"Therefore we have a smart-casual dress code and kindly request that no sportswear is worn when visiting Miller and Carter."

However, with that said, Danni shot back at the eatery with claims that both she and her boyfriend had previously dined at the restaurant in a similar get-up and it was no issue back then.

The disgruntled woman took to review site, Tripadvisor, to tell other fellow steak-lovers about the ordeal at the Washford Mill branch.

Defending her partner's 'smart' choice in clothing, she wrote: "I am absolutely appalled to say the least.

Danni left a one-star review of the restaurant after the incident.

"Me and my partner and daughter came for a family meal and we was refused at the door due to my partner wearing a smart grey tracksuit.

"The two women at the desk were very rude the minute we arrived making snide comments and looking my partner up and down."

Danni went on: "The one lady told us it was down to the manager and then told us she was actually one of the manager herself."

She also said the staff were 'very rude' and 'very abrupt' when handling her and her boyfriend.

"I don't mean to be rude myself but I would not say they were dressed very well myself," she clapped back.

Danni revealed that she felt 'mortified and embarrassed' over the fiasco, 'especially' considering the pair's 10-year-old daughter was also joining them for tea.

The woman said she felt 'discriminated' against.
Jane Sundried / Unsplash

Danni continued: "I said we've been to many Miller & Carters dressed in the same clothing before and we've never been refused service ever.

"And the lady told us different Miller & Carters have different rules which makes no sense at all."

She finished up her fiery review alleging that she and her family faced 'discrimination' from as soon as they set foot in the restaurant, adding: "We will not be returning again."

A general manager at the branch in question has since replied to Danni's scathing review and sharing the response they had also sent privately.

"I was the host in which greeted you and conversed with you regarding the dress code," they started.

"We do not allow sportswear within the restaurant area and as such, the gentleman with whom you were with, was wearing a tracksuit.

"We would have happily booked you in for a later time, as suggested to you in person, allowing you the opportunity to change but do advise our guests that we operate this policy."

The restaurant has since responded to the woman's review.
Google Maps

The manager also pointed out that the branch's policy is available in the lobby area of the restaurant.

"I find it pertinent to remind you that this is a policy that is held across the brand of Miller & Carter and as such is not discrimination against any persons who visit us," they finished.

"We do wish you a pleasant week ahead."

See it as a cautionary tale - make sure you leave the tracksuit at home next time you go out for some scran at Miller & Carter.

Tyla has contacted Miller & Carter Washford Mill for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo / Miller and Carter

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