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Woman 'kicked out of restaurant' because of her 'inappropriate' top

Woman 'kicked out of restaurant' because of her 'inappropriate' top

She criticised the restaurant in Helsinki - and the 'jerk' who threw her out.

A woman in Finland has claimed she was kicked out of a restaurant because her outfit was deemed 'inappropriate'.

Erika Helin - who has competed in numerous national modelling contests, as well as selling content on OnlyFans - said a 'jerk' of a security guard booted her from a restaurant in the capital of Helsinki because of her attire.

She said she was wearing a pink bralette top, which she paired with a black mini skirt, heels and a matching bag.

The offending outfit.

According to Finnish publication Seiska, she posted on Instagram: "I was focused on a good-natured conversation with my friends, then suddenly a jerk came to take me out of it, told me that I had to leave.

"I walked out of the bar without objecting in any way, and when he got there he loudly criticised my choice of outfit."

She continued: "Of course, I could have picked up another shirt from the store if it had been pointed out - in my opinion, it is contradictory to even take a customer in if the outfit is not suitable.

"It's not appropriate to change your mind afterwards, and I don't understand why humiliating the customer was necessary here.

"It remained a mystery why he behaved so aggressively and wanted to get personal. In my opinion, the situation felt threatening.

"It occurred to me that there was another reason behind this? It's a really sad thing."

Erika - who now lives in Malta - added: "Maybe I'm too used to the dressing culture of my other home country - it's much more relaxed there."

But they say all's well that ends well, and Erika has since shared an Instagram story with her 116,000 followers, explaining that the manager had apparently called her to make amends.

Erika said the manager called to apologise.

According to my best Google translation, the Insta story reads: "He agreed with me that first you could have politely asked for an outfit for changing. That's what happened misjudgment when admitted in costume which does not fit the dress code.

"We will come with the restaurant staff to go through how in similar situations action must be taken so that no one leaves in vain to remove if there was a chance also continue the evening in good spirits."

She continued: "I am welcome as a customer of the restaurant also in the future.

"We also talked about that it would be good to state the dress code somewhere it would be clear and the same for everyone.

"I felt good about that the failure was regretted and there was a plan to fix the service made. Exemplary action!"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/erika.helin

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