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Teacher who was fired for being on OnlyFans says she made her entire annual salary in six months

Teacher who was fired for being on OnlyFans says she made her entire annual salary in six months

A teacher who was fired for being on OnlyFans has now earned her previous annual salary in just six months

A teacher who was fired for posting raunchy snaps on OnlyFans says she has managed to make her entire annual salary in just six months.

The 41-year-old, who uses the stage name Sarah Juree, was fired from her job after her school became aware of her presence on the adult content site.

Juree's teaching career was a little less traditional than the usual, with her speaking to students about the different kind of careers they could pursue in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

But while the former teacher has admitted that she was devastated when she was first fired, she certainly makes a bigger fortune on OnlyFans than from teaching.

Sarah Juree was fired from her teaching job after posting to OnlyFans.

Despite loving what she did, Juree was struggling financially and knew something had to give.

In an as-told-to article for Insider, she said: "I was juggling five side hustles to try to keep myself afloat financially as a single mom, including teaching group exercise classes, Keto nutrition coaching, tutoring kids, a teeth whitening business, and designing shirts and mugs.

"I would teach all day and then work on one of my side hustles until I went to bed. I felt constantly stretched and overwhelmed with trying so hard that I'd often cry in the bathtub at night."

Juree said that she decided to venture onto OnlyFans after a friend told her she made $10,000 (£8,450) in single month.

But just days after she posted for the first time, the intimate photos were sent to her employer.

"I was sent a termination letter and my 20-year teaching career - and primary source of income - swiftly ended," Juree said.

But the OnlyFans model has gone on to earn over $58,000 (£49,000) in the last six months on the adult content site, which is more than the annual salary of $55,000 (£46,480) she made from teaching.

The former teacher is making a fair bit more through OnlyFans.

She said: "The most I've made in a month is $17,000 [£14,120], which happened right after I got fired. Since I was laid off I've made a total of $75,000 [£63,380].

"However, my income fluctuates and I have months ranging from $3,000 [£2,540] to $10,000 [£8,450].

"I've still had to work very hard to make that much as it involves a lot of marketing. I promote my OnlyFans page on social media sites like Facebook."

The former teacher added that to boost her earnings, she leans into a 'teacher fantasy' that many of her subscribers seem to have.

"I do this by offering exclusive report cards where I rate their manhood and give 'Miss Sarah' stickers to loyal fans," she said.

"I primarily sell nude photos and explicit videos behind a paywall as well as video chats."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/sarahjuree

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