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Woman is called a 'genius' after ditching high heels for plastic bags on night out

Woman is called a 'genius' after ditching high heels for plastic bags on night out

Desperate times...

Listen, we've all risked the pair of impossibly high heels on at least one occasion before. They make the outfit pop, they make your legs look longer - but they also make you walk like a newborn deer.

When one woman couldn't hack her awkward heels any more, tripping over them one too many times, she decided to trade them in for a pair of plastic bags. Take a look:

TikToker Lucia documented her friend Hannah's run-in with a pair of gorgeous white lace-up heels during their girls' night out.

"POV - You can't hack wearing heels so use plastic bags instead," she captioned the video.

Hannah was wearing a green playsuit with a pair of white high heels to match her handbag.

The overall look was a 10/10, but when Hannah tried to walk in the shoes - which had the skinniest stiletto heel - things went downhill.

After a few failed attempts to walk gracefully down the street, Hannah decided to take matters into her own hands, running into the nearest corner shop to buy two plastic bags.

Ditching the deadly heels, Hannah put one plastic bag around each foot and tied them at her ankles, making for a less fashionable, but much more comfortable walk.

You've got to do what you've got to do.

Hannah did what she had to do.

People were obsessed with Hannah's hilarious solution to a very relatable dilemma, after her friend Lucia shared the story on TikTok.

"Better than being barefoot lol", commented one viewer.

"Omg love it", wrote another. "I wear trainers with all my fancy outfits now, they go so well & so comfy! I’m done with heels I think."

And a third admitted: "We've all been there."

Some viewers even saved the video, revealing that they wouldn't be opposed to trying this questionable style choice out themselves.

"Good to know this for next time," wrote one impressed TikToker.

Tagging a friend, a second joked: "Can’t believe we didn’t think of this."

While another simply put: "Genius."

Not everyone was too impressed with Hannah's Spar-chic look, though.

"I’d rather break both ankles than do this. Where’s the class?" one horrified follower asked.

Hannah was more than happy to get back to her, replying: "Classy is my middle name hun."

Hannah couldn't walk in her heels.

"Please tell me you didn’t pay for the bags lol," commented another concerned user.

"Best 30p I've ever spent," Lucia confirmed.

Most importantly, though, viewers were impressed that Hannah had managed to maintain the integrity of her outfit, by matching the bright green Spar plastic bags with her playsuit.

"At least they match your outfit," commented one TikTok user.

"Loving the colour co-ordination," raved a second.

"Points for colour match lol," added a third.

Priorities, ladies.

Featured Image Credit: luciacostagliola3/TikTok

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