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‘Where has this been all of my life?’ Women ‘obsessed’ with plumping lip gloss that ‘stays on all day’

‘Where has this been all of my life?’ Women ‘obsessed’ with plumping lip gloss that ‘stays on all day’

It's the latest beauty innovation from one of the UK's bestselling lash brands

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Women are losing their minds over a new plumping lip gloss that's said to stay on all day.

You might have heard of UKLASH and its bestselling lash serum, but its newly-launched lip gloss is sure to be just as big, with one fan asking: "Where has this been all my life?!"

So, if you’ve been looking for a lip gloss that will instantly give your pout a fuller-looking appearance, you’ll want to keep reading.

The clicker design dispenses the ideal amount of products onto the lips.

Available in two shades, Clear and Rose, the lip gloss is priced at £16, or if you choose to subscribe, you’ll get 15% off each additional lip product, taking it down to just £13.60.

And its innovative clicker design has a twisting function to save you from wasting any product, as it releases the exact amount that you will need to cover both your top and bottom lip in two clicks.

Just don’t get carried away and keep clicking though, as you won’t be able to put the excess back into the tube because of its non-retractable design.

Available in two shades, they give the lips a hydrated and fuller-looking appearance.

What ingredients does it include?

Much like UKLASH’s best selling lash serum and UKHAIR Hair Growth Serum, its latest product is formulated with an impressive roster of hard-working ingredients.

If you often struggle with chapped or irritated lips, the gloss has aloe vera extract, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

The product also includes jojoba seed oil, which is famed for its moisturising qualities, leaving your lips feeling nourished and hydrated after you apply the gloss. While rose canina seed extract gives your lips a smoother and fuller appearance thanks to its moisturising essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Another key ingredient, which helps to protect against UV damage and pollutants, is vitamin C.

And if you’ve used plumping lip products or glosses in the past, it does have a slight tingling or cooling effect on the lips thanks to the addition of menthol.

The new product already has plenty of five-star reviews.

What are customers saying?

One happy shopper took to the UKLASH website to share their thoughts on the new product. They outlined: “Love the colour and the easy apply stick, leaves your lips feeling moisturised and doesn't have any sticky after feeling I find other lip glosses to have. Lasts really well and gave my lips a natural fullness.”

While another added: “I was pleasantly surprised by this lip gloss. I’ve never found a gloss that I like - they’re always too sticky and I’m not a fan of the wand application - but this gloss by UKLash has a clever twist-up stick that delivers just the right amount of product." She added: "It’s certainly the nicest gloss I’ve ever tried.”

Featured Image Credit: UKLIPS Plumping Lip Gloss

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