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‘The best tan of my life': Women are losing it over ‘perfect’ tan-boosting oil

‘The best tan of my life': Women are losing it over ‘perfect’ tan-boosting oil

It's a must for any upcoming holiday or time spent outside tanning

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If you're one of the millions of Brits hoping to bronze up for the summer, you'll know how tricky it can be to give your natural tan a boost while staying protected from sun damage.

But thankfully, women have discovered an impressive tan-boosting oil which not only accelerates their tanning but also has SPF30 protection, to save you from from getting sunburnt while you sit out.

With a fine mist spray consistency, it can be applied directly onto the skin or into your palms to apply.
Coco & Eve

With a regular price of £28, the body oil from Coco & Eve currently has 25% off, making it just £21. Or you can buy it as part of the brand's Anti-Aging Tanning Set, which also includes their Anti-Aging Tanning Serum for £39, instead of the £56 price tag of buying them separately.

Quick and easy to apply, you’ll want to spray a generous amount either into the palm of your hand to then apply all over, or you can spray it directly onto the skin. However, the brand does advise that you put it on around 20 minutes before you plan to be out in the sun.

And like with most sun protection products, you’ll need to reapply it every two hours or so, if you’re sunbathing by the pool or on the beach, or immediately after you’ve been swimming or towelled yourself down.

It's a new beach day essential for us.
Coco & Eve

How does it work?

If you’re wondering how it works to accelerate tanning, helping you to achieve an even colour in less time than it would normally as you sit out in the sun while also offering up SPF protection, the oil contains a tanning-boosting biomimetic peptide. And this ingredient assists with faster, darker tanning with less UV exposure, even if you’re sitting out in direct sunlight.

And if your skin has ever felt a bit parched or dehydrated after you’ve been tanning, you'll be pleased to hear the oil contains a number of nourishing ingredients, such as watermelon seed oil and guava to help moisturise and repair the skin.

It also has a beautiful tropical mango fragrance to it, which will immediately get you in the holiday mood, even if you’re staycationing closer to home or trying to catch some rays in your back garden.

And if you want to look even more luminous and hydrated, Coco & Eve also do an Antioxidant Glow Shimmer Body Oil, which is infused with pearlescent minerals and natural glitter to truly show off your tan. Let’s just say, your skin will be glowing if you add this on top!

It pairs perfectly with the brand's Shimmer Body Oil.
Coco & Eve

What are customers saying?

One happy shopper took to the Coco & Eve website to let everyone know their thoughts, as they praised it for giving her 'the best tan of my life'.

Another wrote:: “Absolutely obsessed with this SPF oil. It leaves my skin feeling smooth but not greasy and gives a great level of sun protection while still letting me get my summer tan. 10/10 recommend!”

While another explained: “Just back from a cruise. Bought the tan boosting anti ageing body oil to take with me. Used it every day and can’t believe the bottle is over three quarters full. It goes such a long way, is very protective (no burning) and promotes a deep golden tan. Love it!!”

Others also commented on the ‘great smell,’ their ‘glowing skin,’ and one customer even declared: “I’ve gotten the best tan of my life!”

The body oil is available to buy directly from

Featured Image Credit: Coco & Eve/ Taylor B

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