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Hairdresser shares five most infuriating mistakes clients can make

Hairdresser shares five most infuriating mistakes clients can make

Telesa Brown has taken to TikTok to rant about her stylist pet peeves

A hairdresser has left people divided after revealing 'five things that hairstylists secretly hate that you do'.

"99 percent of the time you're the problem," Telesa Brown claimed in her hair-cutting rant on TikTok which you can enjoy in the video below:

The hairstylist, from Canada, has received a mixed response after urging customers to simply 'stop it'.

Her first secret peeve is when clients show up late, or even worse, don't show up at all.

"We get that things happen, but typically a busy hairstylist has a full day of clients and showing up more than five minutes late actually affects the rest of our day," Brown said.

"No shows I mean, come on, obviously, we don't make money with no one in our chair.

"Expect to be charged for this."

A hairdresser has left people divided after revealing 'five things that hairstylists secretly hate that you do'.

The second pet peeve is 'showing up to a colour with dirty hair'.

"I understand for years hairstylists were telling you to do this. It's not your fault, but I'm here to correct it," she continued.

"Hair colour works better on clean hair. So for the best results come with clean hair. Also, it's gross."

She said 'showing up sick' was number three.

Brown explained: "In this day and age, I can't believe this still happens. Most people, myself included, waves cancellation fees for being sick because we don't want it.

"I do not want to cancel a week worth of clients just to get you in.

"I understand that usually most of you have waited, but please don't show up sick."

She urged customers to simply 'stop it'.

Number four is 'asking for a completely different appointment than what you are booked for'.

"So if you are booked for a haircut, and ask for colour or if you're booked for highlights and you want a colour correction, this is so difficult," Brown added.

"It's hard, especially being self employed to say 'no' because usually they're big services that we want to do.

"But timing is different for every particular service. If you want something different than you normally get, please reach out to your stylist in advance and typically they can figure it out to accommodate."

Number five happens to be Brown's 'worst one'.

"Do not come in and say that no one knows how to cut or colour your hair," she explained.

"That is a red flag for us. That's a big red flag because typically that means to me that probably no matter what I do, you're not going to be happy with.

"It makes me not want to do your hair. Of course we try our hardest and sometimes you've just had bad luck and hairstylist that don't do what you want."

"99 percent of the time you're the problem."

Some viewers agreed with the stylist, with one person commenting: "Well well well said. Self employed hairdresser since 1998."

"So true," another added, while a third said: "This lady is saying how we all feel, well done."

Meanwhile others argued: "Stylists run behind all the time... rude."

Another person pointed out: "But y’all are gonna wash our hair at the appointment."

And one viewer added: "My pet peeve is please don't take calls while you doing my hair!"

In all fairness, Brown agreed with that one.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@telesabrown / Pixabay

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