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Balenciaga's New £825 Trainers Mocked As 'Dog Walking Shoes'

Balenciaga's New £825 Trainers Mocked As 'Dog Walking Shoes'

Twitter users brand Balenciaga's latest drop as 'the runners your uncle wears to walk the dog'.

Balenciaga's latest drop has everyone wondering, 'why?'

The high fashion brand is famous for creating divisive items of clothing - from croc wellies to a shopping bag your nan would be proud of!

This time, social media users are poking fun of the brand for a shiny, new pair of £825 of trainers. Oh, sorry. We meant, worn, dirty-style pair of £825 trainers.

The shoes are detailed with mesh, a 'painted-on' size number and a 'dirty look'. [

According to a source, Balenciaga has allegedly designed the trainers with a 'worn-out' look in mind. The design is made from mesh and features a 'painted-on' size at the front.

This drop of running sneakers is supposedly aiming to capture a vintage, '90s effect. The shoes have been likened to men's Asics trainers, which usually retail off at around £50.

Twitter @conoraon

People have brutally mocked the drop on Twitter, particularly user Conor O'Neill (@conoraon). Writing on the platform, he said: "Meanwhile, in Brown Thomas: they're selling the runners your uncle wears to walk the dog, but for €865 [£734]".

He then said he wants to "tax the rich" in order to "stop them buying €865 Asics runners".

The post opened a fresh can of worms, with users bombarding the replies with seemingly shoddy styles courtesy of the brand.

Twitter @CronyZapponey

One person Tweeted an image of an oversized Balenciaga jacket, costing £2,890. They said, "£2,890 for their shopping centre security man's jacket. Utterly sick".

Twitter @erichth0nius

On the other hand, one person slammed the individuals Tweeting against the brand. They claimed that "everyone commenting under this post on a Sunday night" dresses exactly the same; in boot-cut jeans and brown shoes.

Other users expressed general distaste for the luxury fashion company.

User Ray O'Connor speculated whether Balenciaga is "an economics experiment; trying to see what the maximum price per unit of banal clothing is possible to extract from idiots".


Featured Image Credit: Credit: Balenciaga

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