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Woman shares how she gets filthy white trainers looking brand new again

Woman shares how she gets filthy white trainers looking brand new again

A woman has shared an unbelievable trainer transformation with a clever hack.

Clean white trainers are a wardrobe staple, there's no denying it. But the problem is, clean white trainers never seem to stay clean and dazzlingly white for long.

Everyday wear and tear on city pavements or country lanes can leave shoes looking less than fresh.

And dirty shoes can be a one way ticket to a scruffy and unappealing appearance.

But did you know there are various methods out there to try to spruce up your white shoes?

However, many can be ill-effective and leave your shoes looking worse than ever.

And even more worryingly, some harsher cleaning methods can actually cause damage to your shoes, meaning they're no longer fit for purpose.

However, this week, that's all set to change as one woman shared an incredible white trainer cleaning hack.

And what's more, she's even shared how she managed to achieve the impressive finish.

In the cleaning Facebook group, Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, the woman revealed the secrets to a pristine white shoe.

Her shoes were looking a little worse for wear.
Trr Lge/ Facebook

Captioning the images, the Facebook user wrote: "That was a successful attempt at saving trainers."

Revealing her intensive method, she added: "I took the laces out and put them in bleach and oxi stain remover with boiling water.

"I sprayed the trainers with Elbow Grease then put them in the sink with scalding water and bleach and scrubbed with a Minky.

"I then put them in the washing machine.

"I rinsed the laces then bleached them and scrubbed with a toothbrush then put them in a jug with bleach and boiling water. That's it."

It seems as though people were pretty impressed with the before and after - and we have to admit, it's quite the metamorphosis.

The results were undeniable.
Trr Lge/ Facebook

The post in question garnered over 1,000 likes, plus multiple comments praising the deep clean.

One person wrote: "They look like a brand new pair," while another commented: "Great job."

A third shared: "That’s amazing!!!!!"

While a fourth agreed: "Love this."

However, one commenter was skeptical about the multi-step program the shoes had been put through.

In fact, they believed some of the steps were a little superfluous.

They simply wrote: "The washing machine..... that's what I do and they come up like new."

Do you think a multi-step process is necessary for cleaning your white trainers? Or do you prefer a simple cleaning routine?

Featured Image Credit: Trr Lge/ Facebook

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