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Woman sat outside ex's house until she found his dating profile to try and get back together

Woman sat outside ex's house until she found his dating profile to try and get back together

That's one way to do it...

A 24-year-old woman managed to get back together with her ex boyfriend by sitting outside his apartment and scrolling through Bumble until she found his dating profile so she could match with him - and now they're engaged.

Yes, as unhinged as this plan sounds - and is - it worked for Sarah Young, who desperately wanted to get back with her ex-boyfriend Nathan Lopez, 26.

I'm not saying I recommend this tactic, but if you did want to something similar, all Sarah had to do was wait outside her ex's house, change her Bumble settings to 'matches within one mile', and swipe for about 45 minutes until she found him.

When they finally 'matched', Sarah had the gall to tell him that it was 'fate' that they had found each other again. But as wild as this whole operation sounds, it worked!

Sarah and Nathan first met back in 2018, when they were studying at University in Nacogdoches Texas, and immediately hit it off.

After six months of dating, they tried a year of long distance when Nathan moved 231 miles away to Austin, Texas, before they decided to go their separate ways.

"We decided that we loved each other so much but we had a lot of growing to do", Sarah recalled.

Just a few months later, Sarah and Nathan decided to meet up as friends, when Sarah took a quick scroll through Bumble.

"I drove an hour and parked outside his apartment", she explained.

"I put my Bumble mileage on one and was swiping for 45 minutes until I found him and then waited until we matched.

Sometimes you have to put fate in your own hands.

"I said it was fate and now we've been together for four years and our wedding is in July 2023."

Now, the couple believe that getting back together was 'fate' and they are 'meant to be'.

Nathan recalled: "My reaction was 'wow, this is fate'. I was happy - we took out time to grow and it is time to try this again and now we're engaged."

Sarah agreed: "Having the time apart is the best thing that could have happened - we were able to grow as people and focus on what we want out of life and I guess that was each other."

She added: "The way we met was fate in itself, I've always known he was the one for me.

"Nathan has been an absolute dream, he has taken it upon himself to be everything I need him to be."

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