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Woman who fell in love with man same age as her mum says they're expecting a baby

Woman who fell in love with man same age as her mum says they're expecting a baby

A woman who fell in love with a man the same age as her mum and said the couple are expecting a baby in June 2023.

A woman who fell in love with a man 24 years her senior has announced that the couple are expecting a baby.

It comes after Amanda Cannon, 30, called off her wedding with her college sweetheart just days before they were set to tie the knot.

After that, Amanda embarked on a journey of single self-discovery, which ended in her meeting radio DJ Ace, 54, in the summer of 2017.

Amanda said that she ended up falling in 'love at first sight' with one of the stars of The Ace & TJ Show, whose real name is David Cannon.

Ace had previously vowed never to marry again after a divorce, but he ended up marrying the woman 24 years his junior in January 2021.

Now, the couple are welcoming a baby in June 2023, Amanda said: "Not every age gap relationship is predatory, I approached him.

"Love is love, you can love someone much older or younger.

"Maybe our souls met in a different time.

"I knew who he was, and I walked up to the bar and introduced myself.

"We traded numbers and we hit it off, we were instantly attracted to each other."

The couple got married in January 2021.

Ace added: "I had been divorced a while, I was living alone in this apartment.

"I was sitting on my own eating fish tacos, and she came over and introduced herself.

"I was obviously instantly attracted to her beauty, but I knew there was a big age difference.

"I never in my wildest dreams thought that someone that beautiful would be interested in me."

After meeting in 2017, the couple had a summer of fun but couldn't bear the thought of being away from each other, so made their relationship official.

"When you date an older guy - almost 50 - him saying he had a girlfriend was an odd thing so we would say we were each other's significant other," Amanda said.

Ace is actually the same age of Amanda's mum, with the pair often being mistaken for father and daughter.

Amanda and Ace are expecting their baby boy in June 2023.

Unfortunately, Amanda has been accused by trolls online of being a 'gold digger', with others saying the baby 'will have something wrong with him' because of Ace's age.

But Amanda says that this is 'completely untrue' and that 90 precent of the comments the couple have received have been positive.

Ace had his vasectomy reversed, allowing the couple to welcome a baby this year.

Amanda said: "People make comments like he won't be around for the baby for very long.

"You're not promised your parents forever, he could live until he was 90.

"I'm not concerned about him being an older dad - maybe he'll just take more naps."

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