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Brides divide opinion after wearing white Crocs on their wedding day

Brides divide opinion after wearing white Crocs on their wedding day

Love them or hate them, people are wearing them to weddings!

Crocs are one of the most polarising footwear items ever. But that hasn't stopped an impassioned crocs fanbase from sharing their love for them.

After debuting back in 2002, the shoes have now found themselves in a debate about wedding attire after brides admitted on social media that they wore crocs for their nuptials.

Crocs fans will know that the shoes are customisable and owners can bedazzle their pair with gems and other charms. This can even include special bridal-themed accessories.

Wedding Crocs are in high demand and aren’t cheap. A pair of bejewelled bridal crocs from Etsy could set you back over £150.

Crocs for bridesmaids have also become a TikTok trend, which has left some people literally disgusted at the thought of it.

In a now-viral post shared in the 'Wedding Ideas' Facebook group, the admin asked: “Wedding crocs? Yes or No?!”

The admin also posted a photo of bridesmaids who were all wearing the same plum-coloured gowns. But one quick glance at their feet revealed, to the horror of some Facebook users, that they were all wearing purple Crocs.

A heated debate erupted in the comments between passionate Crocs fans and those who couldn’t think of anything worse to wear to a wedding.

Crocs have once again divided the internet.

“I hate few things in life but Crocs are at the top of my list,” one woman replied to the post. “And when coordinated with an outfit. Lord help me I physically shudder.”

Another Facebook user said the shoes are basically unacceptable to wear anywhere - including a wedding ceremony. They wrote: “No no no no no. Perhaps in 1990? Crocs are acceptable almost nowhere - in fact I can’t think of anywhere but people buy them so someone must wear them.”

Another snarky comment said: “At least get one of the dress styles, if you really must have crocs. I get the comfort level, and the colour is a good match, but it just doesn't' work with those dresses.”

Despite the hate, lots of Crocs fans came out in their defence and claimed that it’s not such a tragic idea.

Bridal crocs are a huge trend.

A number of women said that Crocs at a wedding are a great alternative to heels because of all the standing and dancing.

“The appearance is not unpleasant and let's face it, dancing in heels is painful and challenging,” one woman claimed. “One must be comfortable to enjoy such a wonderful and momentous day.

“The downside is that feet sweat in crocs and that could be a bit embarrassing. I hope the wedding is everything you hope, whoever you are.”

Another gushed: “Some of us never had shoes to wear because of cripple feet. Thanks to crocs, we can actually be wearing shoes! Maybe the bride is one of us and not to embarrass her, everybody wore them. I think it is awesome.”

Would you wear Crocs to your wedding?
Kevin Britland / Alamy Stock Photo

While a third wrote: “Not such a silly idea!! Especially for a farm or beach wedding. Some wear cowboy boots under their wedding dress, what's the difference??? Each to their own!!! Makes a statement and adds humour. Love it, especially the colour!!!!”

However not everyone agreed with the idea of Crocs being a good alternative to heels, with one woman commenting: “Ugh... If heels were a problem, I would rather since ballet slipper type shoes. I think crocs are the ugliest shoe on the planet, but I know people who stand by them as their favourites.”

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