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A woman has revealed how she more than happily attended the wedding of her ex-husband and his new wife.

Of course, for the majority of us the thought of attending the wedding of an ex is nothing short of pure hell.

But for Katie Mathis, it was the complete opposite.

Katie, 33, took to social media to document the happy day, which saw her and her partner join in the festivities of Evan and his new wife, Megan, tying the knot.

Katie and Evan, who share two daughters together, split up and divorced back in 2018, but unlike most divorced couples who usually only communicate for the sake of co-parenting their kids, the pair ended up becoming 'more like siblings'.

"We got together when I was 21 and he was 29 - there was a lot of growth," Katie, who works as a photographer, explained.

(Pictured) Katie, her ex-husband Evan and his new wife Megan.

"We realised we were completely different people - he wanted a certain person, and I wasn't that."

While Katie, from Tennessee, US, admitted the divorce was tough on the both of them, she said: "My ex-husband and I are definitely not best friends, people take it the wrong way, and I get people who aren't very receptive to this, but it's like having a sibling.

"When either of us is having a low, we are there to support each other, like when I broke up with my partner, he was there for me and told me, 'You've got through this before and you can do it again'."

Well, it's clear the pair well and truly are there for each other as Katie recently attended Evan's wedding ceremony to his new wife, Megan.

Katie attended Evan and Megan's wedding with her new partner.

"My ex-husband and his new wife went above and beyond to make me feel honoured at their wedding," Katie said.

"I was even a part of the bridal party. I got ready with the bride, and she even got me a robe - it was very sweet."

She went on: "I didn't find it strange getting invited to the wedding, but I know a lot of people found it strange.

"The only thing I found strange was that I thought the invitation was given to me because the kids were there and for me to watch them, but then they hired a nanny to watch them instead.

"My friends and family were happy I was invited, and if anything, they were concerned why they weren't invited - but it was small, and they all understood, as my ex-husband is such a big part of my life still."

Katie couldn't be happier for her ex and his new wife.

In the end, Katie described it as 'an amazing day', adding: "I went with my partner, and he didn't find it weird either. I've found a gem of a man, and he is so lovely. We all even hung out on Mother's Day together too."

While the thought of maintaining a friendship with an ex is unfathomable to many, there's no denying how refreshing it is to see two ex-partners maintain such a healthy and positive relationship!

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