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Woman admits she's been with boyfriend for two years and they've never kissed

Woman admits she's been with boyfriend for two years and they've never kissed

A woman has taken to TikTok to claim she has never kissed her boyfriend despite being with him for two years.

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after she admitted that she's never kissed her boyfriend despite being with him for two years.

Last month, Kyndel Grove (@Kyndelgrove) posted a video to the popular social media platform claiming that she has never kissed her boyfriend.

She added that her boyfriend is the first man that she has dated, and they would not kiss until they got married because of their faith.

In the TikTok, Grove said: "So I’m almost 24 and my boyfriend and I - he’s my first boyfriend - we’ve been dating for almost two years and we’ve never kissed.

"And before y’all call me weird and all that nonsense, because I get that all the time, we’re Christian.

"We are saving ourselves for marriage, and we have boundaries.

"For me, I never want to kiss anybody unless he’s my husband because I feel like that’s a special thing."

While enjoying some crips in what looks like a sour cream dip, Grove added: "Well, I just think it's really cool that we don't rely on anything physical to keep our relationship going - I think that's neat.

"And I don’t give a frick what any of you guys think, because I get hate all the time about it, but the only person I’m pleasing is God, OK?

Grove is pleased she doesn't have to rely on anything physical to keep her relationship going.
@kyndelgrove/ TikTok

"And our marriage will be blessed, let me just say that."

The video has been viewed close to seven million times on TikTok with over 900,000 likes and 9,000 comments.

Many have praised the TikToker for being so open about her choice despite the criticism she says has come her way.

One person said: "Heavy on not relying on anything physical to keep the relationship going."

Another said: "Bruh this is the mentality I live by. Thank you for speaking up," while a third replied: "AMAZING and I so admire and look up to you."

Many also shared their choice to not kiss their partners during the dating phase.

One commenter shared their story: "My husband and I didn’t kiss while we were dating. Our first kiss was at the alter! Dated for 2 years, engaged for 8 months and 2 years in marriage!"

Others shared their story on how they waited for their first kiss.
LightField Studios Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

And another said: "I was always called weird for saving myself for marriage! Do not regret it one bit."

Meanwhile, one commenter joked: "Do you shake hands when you see each other?" - with Grove joking back that they actually do cartwheels instead.

She then posted a follow-up TikTok replying to the comment, where she and her boyfriend high-fived and did a very business-like handshake.

Grove isn't the only woman who wanted to save her first kiss for her special day, as Rhalyn Murphy filmed the moment she kissed her new husband at their wedding.

Rhalyn said that when she was 17, God asked her to 'save' her first kiss for the day she was married, and her boyfriend Micah was 'totally on board' with it, even saying that she'd be 'worth the wait'.

Featured Image Credit: @kyndelgrove/ TikTok

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