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Woman explains why she waited until her wedding day for her first kiss with husband

Woman explains why she waited until her wedding day for her first kiss with husband

Bride Rhalyn Murphy compared their relationship and first kiss to a 'Disney fairytale'

'You may kiss the bride' are five of the most anticipated words at a wedding and they meant the world to one bride, who waited until her wedding day to have her first smooch with her hubby.

Watch the amazing moment below:

Rhalyn Murphy claims that she was praying one day while at a ministry school in Alabama, US, aged 17 when God asked her to 'save' her first kiss for the day she married.

The 21-year-old agreed to follow the divine request and refused to lock lips with anyone until after saying 'I do' in a bid to prove you don't have to date multiple men before finding 'the one'.

The worship director connected with Micah Murphy, 25, on social media in April last year and sparks flew, despite a huge 13-hour drive between them.

Micah soon proposed in December 2021 and they tied the knot in June this year.

Rhalyn said that her and Micah's parents have actually known each other for 15 years because they're both pastors.

The couple got married before kissing each other.
Kennedy News and Media.

She said that Micah was 'totally on board' with the request she got from God from the outset - and assured her that she'd be 'worth the wait'.

How adorable!

And finally, the big day arrived as the officiant announces: "Micah, this is the moment you've been waiting for, you may kiss your bride".

Micah then grabs Rhalyn's face to plant a kiss with his new wife before her veil flies off and he punches the air in excitement. It's such a whirlwind moment!

Rhalyn said: "The first kiss was amazing. It was perfect, I couldn't have pictured it going any better.

"But then the more [we kissed] when we were taking pictures and stuff, it wasn't that it was weird, it just felt unnatural because I had never kissed anyone before.

Ralyn and Micah were both on board with waiting.
Kennedy News and Media.

"So it was just so new to me and it was just fun, it was everything I ever dreamed it would be."

Micah said: "When Rhay and I first discussed waiting for our first kiss, I didn’t really think much about it.

"I actually liked the idea, but it was definitely hard to not kiss her when we would have to drop each other off at the airport.

"When we first kissed it made the moment extremely precious and sentimental because of the purity behind the act of saving it for the day we became one."

Rhalyn compared their relationship and waiting to kiss each other to a 'Disney fairytale'.

She gushed: "If I was previously talking to anybody else, I would always get nervous or scared to even have the conversation [about waiting to kiss] but with Micah I felt at peace and obviously he's just amazing.

"He was on board from the beginning and that's very, very rare."

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