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'Trophy husband' with three wives says he doesn't need to work

'Trophy husband' with three wives says he doesn't need to work

A man with three wives who lives as a 'trophy husband' says he doesn't have to work

A man with three wives has said he doesn't need to work as 'the King doesn't move around much' while Queens have the real power.

39-year-old Nick Davis is in a polyamorous relationship with three wives April, Jennifer and Danielle, and has featured on TLC's reality show Seeking Sister Wife.

It was first wife April, who Nick has been together with for 15 years, that made the suggestion to introduce other women into their relationship after they'd been married for nine years.

Nick and his three wives April, Danielle and Jennifer.

They brought Jennifer into their relationship as she tied the knot with Nick, and then third wife Danielle who is also married Nick, leaving the man to say he was 'living the dream'.

He describes himself as a 'trophy husband' as he doesn't go out to work but all three of his wives have full time jobs.

This 'trophy husband' is instead a stay-at-home dad looking after Vera, the married quadruple's first baby together who Nick had with Jennifer.

He also has a teenage son from a previous relationship who has 'taken on the role of big brother with ease'.

Nick and his three wives all sleep together in the same bed as they 'sandwich him as he sleeps at night' and he likes to be 'snuggled up in the middle', but the three women don't date each other.

And when it comes to sex, their house has different areas where each of his wives can get some alone time with him.

According to first wife April, she decided that their marriage needed another wife after finding Nick 'a lot to handle in the bed', and made the introductions between her husband and Jennifer.

She said: "Nick's a lot to handle. Let's just say that, in a lot of ways.

"It just became evident to me that she was a great person, there was a lot of high intellect in that big brain of hers and I knew that Nick would find her attractive."

Nick describes himself as a 'trophy husband' and doesn't work, but all three of his wives do.

While the Davis family are happily married together, these arrangements don't always work out, as the stars of reality TV show Sister Wives recently split up.

Kody Brown had been married to Christine, Meri and Janelle but has since separated from all three of them now, though he is still married to his fourth wife Robyn.

Some have since found themselves in new relationships, and Nick will be hoping his own polyamorous marriage doesn't end the same way.

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