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Pregnant teenage couple admit they had sex before they even kissed

Pregnant teenage couple admit they had sex before they even kissed

The teen wasn't in a rush to share her first kiss

A teenage couple who found themselves unexpectedly expecting a baby revealed they had sex before they shared their first kiss.

Hailey and Matthew were both 16 when they appeared on the TLC show Unexpected to talk about their unplanned pregnancy and they made a pretty bizarre admission. You can see them on the show here:

Although initially speaking to one of Hailey’s best friends, Matthew said he ended up asking for Hailey's number and the pair quickly started dating.

But Hailey said when it came to their first kiss, she was happy to wait.

She said: “I've had other crushes but I would never kiss anybody, I was kind of weird. And when I met him, it took me a while to kiss him because I was really innocent.”

Matthew agreed, adding: “Forever. It took her the longest to make out with me.”

He then dropped the bombshell: “But we had sex before that.”

The unusual setup prompted producers of the show to ask: “I’m sorry. What do you mean? You had sex before you kissed her?”

Hailey and Matthew were just 16 when they fell pregnant.

To which Matthew confirmed: “Yeah.”

Hailey’s mum Tanya also appeared on the show, where she said she had tried to warn the teens to practice safe sex.

She said: “When I found out they were having sex I did take measures and I did have talks with both of them. I told Matthew, ‘use a condom’ [but] you can only do so much as a parent.”

At this point, Matthew chips in to let everyone know: “I wanted to get my noodle wet. It’s hard to get the noodle wet when there’s a piece of plastic covering the noodle.”

I think you can probably add that to a list of things to avoid saying in front of your future in-laws.

After discovering she was pregnant at such a young age, Hailey went through a range of emotions.

She cried, then laughed, before battling feelings of excitement and nervousness about telling her folks.

Interestingly, the young soon-to-be parents both vowed that in the future they would not be letting their daughter have boys in her room when she’s their age.

The teens got together when they were just 14.

Hailey said: “I’m not going to let her get pregnant. I’m not going to let my daughter have a boy in her room like my mum did.”

And Matthew added: “When my daughter is our age, she will not be having boys staying over at the house. Just not going to happen.”

The couple went on to welcome little girl Kinsley together, but their relationship was not to last.

In later seasons of Unexpected, Matthew split with Hailey and started a relationship with her friend - who is also called Hailey - eventually getting her pregnant, too.

Hailey, who was dubbed Hailey 2 on the show, gave birth to a son named Levi, but her relationship with Matthew didn’t work out either and they later went their separate ways.

Despite a rocky start - Matthew initially denied he was Levi’s dad - it seems things have managed to work themselves out and he now co-parents with Hailey and Hailey.

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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