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Woman Praised For Leaving Note For 'Cheating' Date's Girlfriend

Woman Praised For Leaving Note For 'Cheating' Date's Girlfriend

Women are loving the note this TikToker left at her date's house.

A woman has been praised for leaving a note after discovering her date was a "cheater".

TikTok user Klarisse, who uses the handle @cccccccss, shared a short clip revealing the note she left for her date.

Watch the video below:

The video was uploaded a week ago and has already accumulated 99,400 likes and over 667,600 views. 

Women in the comments also flooded Klarisse’s page with positive comments.

“All girls should be like you,” one woman commented.

Another woman shared a similar story in the comments. “I found out mine was married and she blamed ME and not him! Last time I do a woman a favour.”

Klarisse replied: “Lmao I’ve had that before that’s why I didn’t leave any type of contact details or anything I didn’t want the hassle.”

One woman in the comments theorised: “The way I know he gonna gaslight her like ‘that was my friend as a joke’.”

The TikToker left a note. (

Another viewer commented: “I love when girls do this. If I was her I would be so grateful.”

While someone else wrote: “Omg this is fabulous”.

Although TikTok is arguably more famous for dance challenges and hacks, catching cheaters is also a very popular trend on the video sharing app.

Last week, a woman took to TikTok to expose her partner allegedly using Snapchat to hide his infidelity.

TikTok user @peytie.lee used the platform to expose her boyfriend, who she believed was cheating on her with a woman with the pseudonym ‘Daniella’.

She explained: “He had his ex girlfriend’s Snapchat username saved as Daniella so I wouldn’t know it was her! That’s not her name!”

TikTok users were living for the drama and grabbed their popcorn as they reflected on the drama in the comments.

“Send this to his mom,” said one woman, who wanted an extra scoop of drama.

“Set it as his wallpaper, pack his stuff, wake him up and say get out of my house,” said the second.

Find out more about Payton exposing her cheating boyfriend here.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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