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Woman Finds Out 'Partner Is Cheating' After Finding Item Left In Travel Bag

Woman Finds Out 'Partner Is Cheating' After Finding Item Left In Travel Bag

This one's a sticky situation.

One woman has told how she caught her partner after unpacking his suitcase from a business trip.

The TikTok creator (@mealswithbecky) had been confiding in her followers after finding out that her beau's ex-girlfriend was on the same business trip in the same hotel.

When he came home from the trip, she had a root through his travel bag and found something that didn't belong...

Watch the clip here:

Shocked by what the TikTok creator had discovered, viewers encouraged her to leave her partner.

"Just pack that suitcase right back up bb," commented one viewer.

"Just lay it on his pillow exactly like that and be sitting there when he gets home. Then ask him how his trip really was when he sees it," wrote another.

A third suggested: "Be done girl, no need to confront just straighten your crown and know your worth."

In the video, she shows followers her partner's open bag, writing: "Unpacking his suitcase after his business trip and I find this stuck to the bottom of his sock."

A woman caught her partner cheating while unpacking his suitcase. (

Other viewers were baffled that the TikTok creator had unpacked her partner's suitcase for him in the first place.

One follower commented: "Your first red flag is him not unpacking his own suitcase 😅😅😅 good luck sorry 😥"

A second wrote: "Dude can't unpack his own suitcase?!"

Earlier, we told you about another woman who suspected her partner was cheating after simply kissing him.

TikTok creator @diyBreakUp, explained that all it took was a simple smooch from her partner to figure out that he was being unfaithful.

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