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Therapist Reveals The Three Biggest Signs He's A Keeper

Therapist Reveals The Three Biggest Signs He's A Keeper

Green flags are so in.

People are rethinking their love lives after watching one therapist explain the green flags to look out for in the early stages of dating.

The TikTok creator and CBT practitioner @itsamymillie listed out three signs of a positive, healthy relationship that might initially look like red flags.

Watch the video here:

Viewers were floored by Amy's advice, admitting that it has totally changed their perspectives when it comes to budding romance.

One TikTok user wrote: "Thank you so much for this! Might have saved me from throwing something great away"

Another commented: "This hit me so hard. I need to work on giving space and being less anxious. I need to trust more."

"Omg I've never heard so much sense in one whole vid!!!! Thank you I needed this," added a third.

Others were thrilled to see more dating advice cropping up that focused positivity, rather than toxicity and red flags.

"Yes. I’m tired of red flags, let’s do more green flags," commented one viewer.

"Thank you for sharing the love instead of the toxicity" wrote another.

Viewers were floored by Amy's advice. (

People were most shocked by Amy's final tip, suggesting that butterflies on a date aren't exactly a good thing.

One viewer asked: "But how do I fall in love when I don‘t get butterflies?"

The TikTok creator answered: "With the right person for you, you will feel like yourself. You will feel a sense of calm."

Another confused user asked her: "About the butterflies, is it a good sign if you have it before you are going on a date with them and then when you see him it goes away?"

She replied: "Yes, absolutely. Butterflies before a date are simply our body’s reaction to apprehension/excitement. Also an element of the fear of the unknown."

People were confused by one of Amy's green flag tips. (

Earlier in the week, we told you about a woman who decided to dump her date because of one seriously dangerous red flag moment.

TikTok creator Kristina Asdis (@kristinaasdis) left her followers shocked and concerned when she told them how her date had behaved, while walking home in the dark.

People who had been following the TikToker's updates strongly urged her not to see this particular guy again.

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