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Woman reveals why she loves being a ‘sugar mama’ who spoils her toyboy boyfriend

Woman reveals why she loves being a ‘sugar mama’ who spoils her toyboy boyfriend

She spends nearly $1000 per week on her younger lover

A divorcee has revealed why she loves being a ‘sugar mama’ and spoiling her toyboy boyfriend with designer clothes, cars, and expensive holidays.

Kara Miller, 36, from California, loves to lavish her 27-year-old partner Daniel with treats and often shares the result of their shopping trips with her 10,000 followers on her Instagram account @officialsugarmamakara.

Kara likes to lavish expensive gifts and money on her toyboy lover, who is nine years her junior.

She first met her younger partner on Bumble in July 2019, three months after divorcing her husband-of-four-years.

Kara, who 'loves to take care of men', began by sending Daniel just $40 a week. Yet as the pair grew closer, she raised the allowance.

She now sends him nearly $500-$1,000 USD (£468-£937) weekly – even going so far as to draw up a contract which is 'revised yearly' and 'lists his weekly allowance' alongside terms and conditions.

Kara, who is a clinical psychology student, explained: "I love taking care of men. I have always done it, even in my marriage and after.

"After my separation and divorce, I took on a man who became my sugar baby [not Daniel]. I did everything for him. I gave him a lot of money and bought him necessities like alcohol and cigarettes and even paid for tickets he got."

Kara, who also works with people with special needs, said she treats her new sugar baby, Daniel, to 'cars, designers, expensive food, and trips' but he ultimately chooses cash when offered.

The pair in 2019.

The sugar mama, who earns roughly $6,000 a month, has many income streams, including working 'very hard' on social media to fund the couple's lavish lifestyle.

The influencer drives a Lexus 400 and lives in an expensive neighbourhood but says she prefers not to 'live rich' and often puts Daniel's needs before her own. Currently, he is her only sugar baby.

She said: "I don’t really buy Daniel any luxurious items [anymore] because he refuses – he would rather have the money.

"I’m OK with that because I know he’s happier that way.”

Despite receiving negative comments online, the sugar mama isn’t concerned about the potential backlash the couple's romance could get.

She said: "People will judge me for who I am but I honestly don’t really care anymore. I am trying to show that women are perfectly capable of taking care of men.

"They either accept it or they don’t. I honestly only really listen to the people who support me."

Kara recently shared the result of several expensive shopping trips with her followers online. One of her clips, titled 'Buying my sugar baby shoes' has racked up over 6,000 views so far. In the video, she picks up a pair of Balenciaga shoes for Daniel, which retail at $750.

In another clip, Daniel asks for a Lamborghini, although Kara jokes that this exuberant request is a 'maybe'.  

The arrangement has divided social media users, with some dubbing Daniel as 'lucky', while others have been left shocked by the amount of money Kara spends on him.

A recent shopping trip saw boyfriend Daniel request a Lamborghini car.

Some have even offered to take his place.

"Lucky guys," wrote one user.

"Sign me up I’ll take steeler tickets…," commented another viewer.

"How can I sign up," asked someone else.

Not everyone was quite as happy with her arrangement, though.

"Are you sure you want to live this kind of life?," commented one viewer.

"Little boys entertained by material," wrote a second viewer [sic].

Although Daniel is her only sugar baby at present, it hasn't stopped Kara from making videos with other 'potential sugar babies'.

However she's confirmed that currently she is happy with her one-man-only set-up.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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