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Bride 'shares her groom' with bridesmaid in three-way relationship

Bride 'shares her groom' with bridesmaid in three-way relationship

Angel and Tyler married with their girlfriend Sam as bridesmaid.

A polyamorous couple are hoping to marry their girlfriend in the future after they tied the knot earlier this year.

Angel Bailey, 26, married Tyler Hays in May 2022, with their girlfriend Sam Vick, 23, as their bridesmaid.

While Angel and Tyler have been together since 2018, Sam and Angel already knew each other. The trio went to a musical festival together, before their friendship evolved into something more.

And while Angel admits it was tricky for her at first - believing her self-esteem got in the way at the time - the trio are now super happy in their relationship together.

You can watch the threesome discussing their relationship below:

Following their wedding, Angel and Tyler are looking forward to Sam joining their marriage at some point, with the pair saying they have plans to propose to her in 'the not too distant future'.

Meanwhile, Sam said that while she 'wasn't jealous at all' while watching her lovers get married, she would have loved to have joined them on their honeymoon in Hawaii.

“I was so happy to be there watching the two people I love get married," says Sam, who is from Arkansas in the US.

“I’m sure in the next one to two years we will all get married - even though that isn’t possible legally.

Angel and Tyler tied the knot in May.

“We will have a ceremonial wedding, even though it won’t be legally-binding, it will be real to us.

“I’m not jealous, marriage is just a certificate is just a piece of paper.

“Nothing has changed since Angel and Tyler got married we are all as happy as ever.

“I decorated the houses with photos for when they got back - it was super sweet.

“Of course, I was slightly jealous they went to Hawaii without me, but who wouldn’t be?”

Angel and Tyler are hoping to propose to Sam soon.

While most of their loved ones are accepting of their unconventional three-person relationship, Angel, Tyler and Sam explained that some chose not to attend the wedding.

But it doesn't stop the threesome being happier and more loved up than ever, adding that their lives haven't changed now that Angel and Tyler are husband and wife.

Sam hopes that both Angel and Tyler will propose to her on a hike in the countryside.

Tyler adds: “I’m sure we will all get married in the next year or two and I can’t wait."

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