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News presenter announces she's getting a divorce on live TV as she slams Valentine's Day

News presenter announces she's getting a divorce on live TV as she slams Valentine's Day

Julie Banderas announced her divorce before slamming Valentine's Day as 'stupid' and 'ridiculous'

Cupid, if you're reading this look away now!

A news anchor dropped the ultimate bombshell by revealing she's getting a divorce during an anti-Valentine's Day rant. Watch the footage below:

In what may come as a huge respite for all the singletons out there ahead of 14 February, Julie Banderas slammed Valentine’s Day live on TV.

The Fox News anchor, 49, sensationally declared her marriage as being over and shared that she ’didn’t get sh*t’ when she was married.

Julie appeared on the show Gutfeld alongside host Greg Gutfeld when the discussion soon turned to the upcoming holiday.

When Greg asked if she was ‘going to get anything for Valentine’s Day’ and asked if her relationship was ‘over’, Julie laughed.

“F*ck Valentine’s Day.

“Yeah. It’s stupid. Even when I was married I didn’t get sh*t for Valentine’s Day… well I’m getting a divorce, I’m going to go ahead and say it right here for the first time.”


She went on: “Congratulations are in order, if you know me, you’d clap… that was breaking news, right there.”

Julie then doubled-down on how much she doesn’t like Valentine’s Day, which she called a ‘Hallmark holiday’.

She stated: “It’s stupid, it’s absolutely ridiculous.”

The men in the audience and those watching at home also got some advice from Julie about how to give their partner flowers next week.

“By the way guys, if you are going to get your girl flowers, don’t bring them to her in a box, that’s the only advice I got for you.

“If you come to be in a box, you better be dead.”


The mum-of-three had hinted at making a surprise announcement a mere few hours before she went on the show.

“Tune into @gutfeldfox tonight at 11pm ET. I have a little announcement at the end of the show. (During the Valentine’s Day segment ironically)," she wrote on social media.

Julie married financial advisor Andrew Sansone, 55, in 2009 and the couple share three children who are regularly featured on her Instagram page.

Julie and her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Back in December - before she announced the divorce this week - Julie revealed she and her partner had separated in a cheeky tweet referring to Andrew as her husband.

The tweet read: “You had me in stitches about your husband. I hope he was laughing also. Lol to funny! God! Do I need to laugh.”

However Julie responded: “You mean soon to be ex?”

Well, that’s definitely one way to make an announcement!

Featured Image Credit: Fox News

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