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Hurricane Ida: People Can't Believe This Man Made His Date Meet Him During A Hurricane

Hurricane Ida: People Can't Believe This Man Made His Date Meet Him During A Hurricane

A woman ventured into Hurricane Ida for a first date in an effort to find love - and TikTok can't believe it.

We've all heard the phrase 'calm before the storm' but what about 'storm before the first date'?

Well, the latter is exactly what happened to one woman who decided to go on a first date in hopes of finding love during Hurricane Ida.

As the storm raged across parts of the US, entire cities were brought to a halt – one TikToker braved the torrential rain in her pursuit of love.

Luckily fo us, 25-year-old Cassidy Dangler filmed the whole ordeal on 1st September and the video has so far gained 6.1 million views and over 1.2 million likes.

Watch the clip below:

The New York City resident explains that she went on the date as she felt bad cancelling at the last minute despite Hurricane Ida still causing havoc across the US, and the man she had plans with wanted to go through with them.

In the clip, she can be seen dressed in a hooded parka and rain boots, struggling with an umbrella that has been flipped upside down and laughs, “I’m soaked!”

The actor and group fitness instructor had high hopes from the date, adding “If I don’t find love with this kind of effort put in, who will?”

Cassidy lives an hour away from the indoor rock climbing location the guy chose for their date (
Jam Press)

They agreed to meet at an indoor rock climbing centre which was an hour away from Cassidy's house but only "10 blocks" away from her date's house.

Cassidy’s NYC dating struggle seems to have resonated with many, as she claims some sent her and messages of support.

“They say dating in New York is hard but wow," commented one person on the clip.

TikTok users found the storm date hilarious (
Jam Press)

“You have such a fun, positive kind of personality especially during a hurricane!  Glad you made it home safely!," commented someone else.

Several viewers also pointed out the red flags that they could see in the man from the failed date.

“Nah first red flag is him not wanting to go somewhere that’s at least halfway for the both of y’all," wrote one person. [sic]

“Someone please get this girl a red flag guidebook," added another user.

Cassidy hasn't revealed whether she plans to see the guy again.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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