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Woman asks men to show their bank balance on first date as she 'only wants to date rich guys'

Woman asks men to show their bank balance on first date as she 'only wants to date rich guys'

Sofia Franklyn has sparked a debate on social media after sharing a dating confession.

The modern dating world can be a difficult to navigate, with all the apps, communication problems and people not knowing what they want.

It goes without saying all the time we waste talking to potential partners who we’re not compatible with.

Now, a woman has found herself at the centre of a debate on social media after sharing how she sorts through her suitors. Take a listen:

TikToker Sofia Franklyn confessed on her podcast on Thursday (31 August) to asking men to show their bank balance on the first date because she ‘only wants to date rich guys’.

It’s a divisive question that’s for sure, and one that has shocked social media users.

In a recent episode of her podcast, she shared a dating confession about asking guys for their bank account info on the very first date.

“I’m not joking,” she stated. “I’ve asked the last three dues I’ve dated for their bank account info not he first date."

“I don’t judge people’s actions, I look at the intention behind it,” this week’s guest, Leo Skepi, replied. “So, what do you ask for that?”

Sofia explained the reasons behind her decision.

Sofia declared: “Because I only want to date a wealthy guy that has money.

“I think, you know, I have a job. I’m very successful. So I think I have every f**king right to be like, ‘Hi, are we not he same level, or am I wasting my time?’”

Some of Sofia’s fans came out to agree with her, with one person writing: “It’s completely valid to want to date someone who is at least an equal with you. Less chance of resentments.”

While one man replied: “Her tactic may be aggressive, but she’s at least straight to the point.”

Someone else admitted: “Honestly, I’m not trying to raise to raise someone’s son.”

Tyla has contacted Sofia for further comment.

It wasn’t too long ago when a group of women shared how much they’d expect their other halves to fork out for an engagement ring. Some of their expectations may surprise you.

Sofia asks men for their bank account details.

Men's lifestyle website Man of Many recently took to the streets of Australia to ask a group of young women what their expectations would be on the price of an engagement ring from their partners.

The first woman asked said she'd expect a 'quarter of their yearly salary' - which kind of puts to shame the traditional price tag of a month's wage!

Her friend then chipped in and said she'd expect her partner to spend over $10,000 (£5,100), but drew the line at $20,000 (£10,200). Lucky fella.

Another woman interviewed said she'd hope her other half would spend between $8,000 (£4,080) and $10,000 on an engagement ring, while another said all she'd care about is her ring containing a 'real' diamond.

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