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'Entitled' woman sparks debate after husband accuses her of 'playing pregnancy card' on flight

'Entitled' woman sparks debate after husband accuses her of 'playing pregnancy card' on flight

The Reddit user was 30 weeks pregnant when the fiasco went down

Plane etiquette has fast-become one of the most hotly-debated notions of the 21st century.

One of the most controversial topics in this area is whether or not we should feel obliged to switch seats with a fellow passenger.

With that said, this week a heartbroken pregnant woman has recalled her unnerving experience when another traveller exerted aggression towards her on a recent work trip, after which her own husband branded her 'entitled'.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous lady begged her followers for their verdict on the matter, leading to a colossal debate in the comments.

The heartbroken woman recalled her heartbreaking story. (Prostock-Studio/Getty)
The heartbroken woman recalled her heartbreaking story. (Prostock-Studio/Getty)

Explaining she had to travel to San Diego for work whilst 30 weeks pregnant, the unnamed mother-to-be booked an aisle seat so that she had access to walk up and down the plane's corridors in order to prevent blood clots.

She'd also been encouraged by her doctor to continue drinking plenty of water during the flight, so hoped to gain easy access to the bathroom.

"I paid $78 for my seat because it’s considered a 'premium' seat due to leg room," she revealed.

"I booked an aisle seat; partially for convenience but also so I wouldn’t have to bother or potentially wake sleeping passengers on an 8 hr redeye every 1-2hrs to walk around or pee."

Noting that the plane had quickly filled up during boarding and that there were no free seats left, the woman claimed she felt comfortable knowing she'd made provisions.

"If people need to get up and move, great, a reminder for me to get some steps in," she added.

The woman had reserved an aisle seat. (d3sign/Getty)
The woman had reserved an aisle seat. (d3sign/Getty)

The woman went on to explain, however, that a family-of-three - a husband, wife and 8-10-year-old child - boarded the flight, with the mother and son taking to two empty seats across the aisle from her.

She insisted that she kindly offered to switch over to the aisle on the other side beside the youngster, so that the man and wife can sit next to each other.

When the mother replied, telling her that she didn't wish to leave her son in the opposite row on his own, the pregnant lady admitted she totally understood and proceeded to offer the man access to the middle seat next to her.

It was then that the man reportedly asked the mother-of-be to switch with him instead, so he'd be across the aisle from his wife and child.

The woman initially offered to switch seats to let the husband and wife sit together. (Nadezhda1906/Getty)
The woman initially offered to switch seats to let the husband and wife sit together. (Nadezhda1906/Getty)

"Thinking maybe it didnt register to him that I am pregnant, I jokingly gestured to my very obvious bump and explain the bathroom and the frequent walks," she wrote.

"He says he doesnt mind, he will get up. I said no, Im sorry, I paid for the aisle seat so that I would be able to get up and move freely as needed during the flight, and not have to disturb anyone."

When he continued to insist she move, the woman claims she alerted cabin crew, who informed the man he'd have to sit in his assigned seat being that she'd paid specifically for the aisle.

When the flight lifted off, however, the woman says that the family proceeded to make the journey a living hell.

The woman later raised the matter with her husband. (PixelsEffect/Getty)
The woman later raised the matter with her husband. (PixelsEffect/Getty)

"They spent the entire flight leaning across me to talk to one another, passing drinks and snacks across my lap (blocking my laptop screen) and getting up and down frequently to make me suffer," she said.

"Fine, whatever, doesnt bother me. However when there started to be a frequency of elbows to my baby bump during their discussions I let the FA know what was going on and they were told to stop reaching across me."

The woman went on to reveal that she'd raised the issue with her husband upon her eventual arrival home, who reportedly told her she was acting 'entitled' and had 'played the pregnancy card'.

After asking fellow social media users what they thought on the matter, hundreds hit out in support of her.

"You paid for a seat that you wanted. They should’ve done the same if it mattered to them instead of being obnoxious," one wrote.

Another agreed: "Your husband said that? I would be extremely very unhappy if my wife said something like that when someone had violated my personal space.

"The etique if you need to pass something is to say excuse me to the person and then pass the thing."

A third went on: "Your HUSBAND said that? He sounds a little clueless about the realities of pregnancy."

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