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Devastated man ghosted on first date despite 'being a gentleman and bringing flowers'

Devastated man ghosted on first date despite 'being a gentleman and bringing flowers'

A Los Angeles-based comedian has opened up about his dating nightmare

A man has been left devastated after getting ghosted on a first date despite him ‘being a gentleman and bringing flowers’.

Jonathan Ventura has opened up about his online dating nightmare after this brutal rejection.

As a comedian, he goes by ‘jonathandoescomedy’ on Instagram, where he describes himself as a ‘down to earth guy with CP’ - an abbreviation often used for cerebral palsy - who wants to ‘reach 6.1m in followers’.

He currently has 13.7k followers and has gone viral with his video where he opens up about being ghosted.

Seeming quite emotional, he explained: “So I just left a restaurant after waiting 30 minutes for a date to show up, and apparently I got stood up.”

Jonathan wrote ‘dating in LA sucks’ as he explained he’d tried ‘to do everything right to be a gentleman’.

Showing a bright red bouquet, the American revealed he’d even brought flowers for his mystery date.

Trying to ‘get to know what she likes, what she doesn’t like’ before they met in person, he said he’d been ‘consistently’ talking to the no-show girl for two weeks.

“I made plans, I picked the restaurant, the day and time,” he said. “You know, I’ve done everything to try and be just the kind of guy that would value somebody’s time.”

Sounding choked up, Jonathan added: “I’m just looking for my person. I’m just looking for the one that I guess is out there for me. I want to be somebody’s husband someday, father.

“I’m trying to do everything that’s right and I just get stood up, like my feelings don’t even matter. Sitting there, eating a meal by myself and realising that nobody even cares about people anymore.”

Jonathan even bought flowers for his date.

In his heart-breaking message to the camera, he says dating in Los Angeles, California, ‘shouldn’t be this hard’.

“It shouldn’t be this difficult to fall in love, to be kind to one another,” he added. “Ladies, tell me, what did I do wrong?”

Hitting over one million views on Instagram alone, the video has been flooded with comments in support of the comedian.

Celebrities such as Jameela Jamil even wrote: “Looking forward to the update of when you find someone who deserves you.”

Reality TV star Tanisha Thomas also put: “It really and truly sucks out here hun. The love we watched them imitate on television growing up really does seem like a fairytale these days..... The majority of ppl aren't looking for love for real but for help and have some hidden ulterior motive.... It's daunting and can be very discouraging at times.”

And Miss Earth 2020, Lindsey Coffey, wrote: “I thought there was an incoming joke based on his username but there wasn’t, the real joke is on her, she lost a great dude.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @jonathondoescomedy

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