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Couple insist 'size doesn't matter' after strangers say relationship is a sham

Couple insist 'size doesn't matter' after strangers say relationship is a sham

Sienna said she's always been more attracted to larger men.

A couple have insisted that when it comes to love, size really doesn't matter after trolls accused their relationship of being a sham.

Sienna Keera, 28, from Sydney, Australia, and her husband, George Keywood, 28, met on Instagram after she saw him acting in the British sitcom People Just Do Nothing.

The pair struck up a conversation on the app after Sienna made the first move, and it wasn't long before they met in January 2019 and fell in love.

You can see some of their videos responding to trolls below:

The couple, who acknowledge their large size difference, have a son, Oliver, now three, and they make a killing sharing their love life on social media.

However, despite very much being a happy family, who promote the fact that size is no barrier to finding love, a lot of trolls have suggested their relationship is a sham.

Sienna said that she's always preferred larger men and plus-size George is completely her type.

The couple make up to £10K a month from their content.

"People call me a 'golddigger' and say George should think about his health," she said of the trolls.

"I noticed when I was much younger, all my friends were into gym guys with six packs, I always preferred larger guys.

"We want to break the stigma around different sizes in relationships and you don't have to change yourself to find love or to be happy.

"We absolutely love our lives and have built a life for our son we never believed could be possible."

The 'mismatched' couple even have an OnlyFans.

While the pair are now full-time social media content creators, prior to this Sienna worked as a personal trainer and George, as mentioned, was an actor.

They now spend just three hours a day making content and bring in as much as £10k a month.

The majority of their content features George topless and taking down some of their many online trolls.

"People have sent us death threats and have even threatened to rape me, it's horrible," Sienna revealed.

"Now it's our job, we focus on the positives and even when we get hateful comments, we get more views, more ads and more brand deals so we don't take it to heart."

The couple regularly mock their trolls on social media.

George added: "I don't see myself as being different to a normal size person.

"If I wasn't fat, it wouldn't be looked at twice. There's so much judgment because I'm bigger, yet men who like curvier women don't receive any hate.

"People can't stand the fact a fat man has an attractive wife.

"It breaks my heart that people attack others online just for being different.

"I genuinely couldn't care less. You're not going to achieve anything through being horrible.

"I think people have started to realise that being nasty gets them nowhere as I have started to receive less hate online."

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