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Woman visits Paris for three days and met the love of her life on the Metro

Woman visits Paris for three days and met the love of her life on the Metro

This is like something out of a movie

A woman has shared her love story after having met her future husband on the Metro during a three-day trip to Paris.

Sounding like something straight out of a movie, Andye revealed that her life changed forever thanks to that short tube ride.

Speaking to CNN Travel, she explained that she was 25 at the time and had been finishing a Master's degree in Amsterdam when she decided to go on a one-month trip across Europe.

Her travels included a visit to her friend in the French capital, and that's when she met Steven, a then 26-year-old fellow Master's student who was studying in Paris.

Andye and Steven met in a chance encounter on the Metro.

Andye told the publication: "I got on the Metro to head back to my friend's house where I'd dropped off my suitcases. And that's where he got on.

"We just kept looking at each other. He would turn around to look at me, and I would look away, and we just kept on doing that for like a good 15 minutes, just staring at each other and looking away."

She noted his 'calming energy', while Steven said: "I found her really beautiful."

Eventually they plucked up the courage to talk to each other and they soon found they had a lot in common, including that they were both studying sustainable development.

The pair exchanged numbers and were able to schedule a date on Andye's last night and once again they felt that spark.

"Then the next day I left to go to Amsterdam, but we kept in touch," she said. "He was messaging me the whole time I was in Amsterdam."

Once she had graduated, Andye – who was born in Haiti but grew up in the US – returned to Paris for a brief stopover before heading back to America for good.

Their love for each other helped them through the tough times.

It was during this trip that Steven professed his love for her, and they agreed to stay in touch and see how things went.

But as many will know, long distance relationships aren't always easy – Steven and Andye certainly had their ups and downs in the months that followed.

Although Andye had taken a job that allowed her to stopover in Paris every now and then, Steven felt guilty that she was always the one doing the travelling.

They decided to take a break, but were reunited once more when Andye visited her friend again in France.

"We talked a lot. We went out dancing, and then we kind of got back to how things were before," she explained.

"I was in Paris for at least four to five days and we spent most of the time together."

After another wobble, eventually Andye laid her cards on the table. "I told him, 'Look, if you're really serious about this, here's my mom's number. You let her know that you're serious about her daughter.'"

Steven sent a long message to his partner's mum, saying: "I tried to tell her a bit about myself. I said I was serious about Andye."

And guess what? It worked – the next time she stayed in Paris in November 2017, Steven proposed.

Although initially Andye, who is fluent in French, tried to get a job in the city of love, she struggled to find a job.

Andye and Steven are now happily married.

But in 2019, Steven had his fiancé visa approved for the US and he was able to relocate.

Once again a spanner was thrown in the works when the pandemic hit, but they made it through.

Fast forward to the present day and the pair are happily married and living in Florida together.

Andye mused: "There are days where I say to him, "God, I'm married to a stranger that I met on the train in Paris'."

"What if I was late to take the train, what would have happened?" added Steven. "It's destiny that brought us together."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@DyeTravels

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