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Woman praised for brutal way she stops people from talking to her on flights

Woman praised for brutal way she stops people from talking to her on flights

Well, it certainly sounds like it would be effective.

Catching a flight should - in theory - be a simple, relaxing process, but unless you're lucky enough to fly business class, it rarely is.

This is usually down to the actions of other passengers, but there could well be a solution in the form of this 'brutal' way which one woman is being praised for.

Taking to TikTok, Sam, who posts under the name @samiamdean, shared her 'scam for the girls and the guys'.

"If you're ever at a hotel or... I've used this on aeroplanes as well, where people are next to you and being really loud and rude," she began.

"And you like wanna ask them to be quiet, but you don't wanna be a d**k about it.

"If you say to them, 'Hey, I'm sorry, could you please quiet down? I have to wake up really early for a funeral tomorrow.'

"Every time they immediately feel so bad and they will quiet down instantly," she said.

As you can imagine, this video has gone far from unnoticed since it was posted on 25 February, and it's been viewed a whopping 1.9 million times.

Turns out there is one thing you can say to make your fellow passengers quiet.
TikTok / @samiamdean

Reacting to the unorthodox approach, one TikTok user remarked: "Immediate vibe killer, I love you for this."

A second joked: "As a mortician i can use this every day while being totally honest [sic]."

"My mom did this once," shared a third, "and then she proceeded to sob her eyes out for the rest of the flight like her lie was too good."

"You're a genius," wrote a fourth viewer, while a fifth added: "Savage. Ingenious. No notes."

However, not everyone was on board.

A sixth TikTok user remarked: "I'm superstitious. I could never lie about a funeral."

"Just for superstition's sake, specify relative you wouldn't miss that much," agreed a seventh. "My dad's funeral tomorrow."

While another viewer said simply said: "This is wonderful advice that I will never use."

Have you ever taken extreme action against annoying passengers?

Meanwhile, another TikTok user suggested a similar way that she gets the job done in nail salons.

They wrote: "I go to new nail people and tell them I'm getting engaged that day so they do a good job on my nails."

Another viewer suggested: "If they're arguing about something personal, get a paper and pen and ask them to repeat something,

"Makes em realise they're in public."

What do you think?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@samiamdean/ Finnbarr Webster / Alamy Stock Photo

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