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Woman horrified as plane passenger eats rack of ribs mid-flight

Woman horrified as plane passenger eats rack of ribs mid-flight

There were even sides to go with it

There's an unwritten rule on planes that some foods are simply unacceptable to eat. An entire rack of ribs is one of those foods.

Listen, I'm all for eating while you travel - to be honest, it's one of the only things you can look forward to as you pass the time on trips - but it's always nice to be considerate of people around you.

Particularly stinky or messy foods are among those that should be left behind when boarding a plane - no fish, sour cream and onion Pringles or egg mayo sandwiches necessary.

Less pungent crisps are fine, and maybe even chips at a push, if you rushed to the plane from the airport's food hall. But ribs? Surely not.

Ribs are tasty, yes, but they're just too big and messy for a plane. They're not made for tiny tray tables, and one jolt of turbulence is sure to make the sauce-covered meat to go flying across the seats.

What's your go-to travel snack?

The possibility of such a messy disaster wasn't enough to deter one passenger though, as they cracked open a pizza box packed with ribs and sides as they settled into the middle seat of a flight.

An image of the bizarre scene was shared on Twitter by passenger Lanna, who posted a picture of the meal alongside the caption: "No chance is the guy next to me eating a full rack of ribs plus sides on this plane gtf."

The ribs were smothered in a sauce you can practically smell just by looking at it, and they were accompanied by fries and a buttery corn on the cob.

I can only hope the passenger had picked up the meal at an airport restaurant and not gone through the effort of sending it through the security scanners, but either way the choice to eat it in the enclosed space of the plane rather than in the more open airport is definitely an interesting one.

I hope he at least had a lot of napkins.

Lanna's image of the wild in-flight meal quickly went viral, racking up numerous comments from baffled Twitter users who agreed ribs were not a good meal to have on a plane.

"This is a realistic nightmare," one person responded, while another commented: "On long haul flights I tend to take sandwiches and snacks because I don't like airplane food ... but this is beyond belief."

A third wrote: "I don’t even like using my laptop on the plane in the middle seat."

While some people have argued the man should be left to enjoy his food, it's undoubtedly a hard thing to ignore when you're sat just inches away.

For many, there was only one thing that would have won them over - if the man was willing to share.

Featured Image Credit: @lannatolland/Twitter

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