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Why Chloe Kelly's Shirtless Goal Celebration Was So Important

Why Chloe Kelly's Shirtless Goal Celebration Was So Important

Chloe Kelly scored the final goal for the Lionesses

The Lionesses have secured their victory in the Women's Euro 2022 championship after a nail-biting final against Germany on Sunday.

After the stunning 2-1 win, all anyone could talk about was forward Chloe Kelly, who scored the winning goal for England and celebrated by whipping off her jersey and sprinting across the pitch.

While it did land her with a yellow card, Chloe's wild celebration meant an awful lot to football fans watching from home.

This year's Euros was particularly significant, bringing unprecedented crowds, coverage, and support to the women's game.

Across the UK and beyond, new fans have discovered their love for the sport, hardcore men's football supporters have been converted, and young girls have been inspired.

It was a magical moment when the Lionesses secured their phenomenal win at Wembley in front of over 87,000 spectators, and 17.6 million viewers at home.

For female viewers, a particular meaningful moment was Chloe Kelly's shirtless celebration, showing off the skill and power of her body in a moment of utter joy, without being sexualised.

Chloe took her shirt off to celebrate the her winning goal.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Discussing the moment on social media, one fan tweeted: "This image of a woman shirtless in a sports bra - hugely significant. This is a woman’s body - not for sex or show - just for the sheer joy of what she can do and the power and skill she has. Wonderful."

Another wrote: "Women's bodies so often objectified, sexualised, criticised, women being unable to comfortably breast feed in public, our bodies used as weapon of war. Chloe Kelly taking her shirt off and showing the sheer power of her body. Never underestimate that. A significant moment."

The Lionesses' win marked the end of a 56-year losing streak for England football - men's and women's.

Prince William, who has been President of the Football Association for the last 15 years, was among the team's more recognisable fans who took part in celebrations after Sunday's win.

Prince William was among the ladies' more notable fans on the day.

The Duke of Cambridge received praise from football fans for his sweet reaction while congratulating the lionesses.

While shaking hands with all of the players on the pitch, Prince William went in for a heartfelt hug when he reached team captain Leah Williamson.

When he met Chloe Kelly, William spoke to her personally and congratulate her on her winning goal.

The Duke also made a point to go in for a big hug when he reached veteran player Jill Scott, who has been a part of the Lionesses journey for 16 years.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images/Alamy/Zuma Press/Alamy

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