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Incredible Moment Ukrainian Woman Faces Up To Armed Russian Soldier

Incredible Moment Ukrainian Woman Faces Up To Armed Russian Soldier

The woman filmed her exchange with a Russian soldier who demanded to see her passport, as Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine continues.

Shocking footage shows the moment a brave Ukrainian woman confronted a Russian soldier after he demanded to see her passport.

Watch the video below:

The woman, who presumably filmed the the video on a mobile phone, was stopped in her car and asked by the soldier to show him her passport and open the boot of her car. She demands he removes his mask in response.

When the soldier keeps his mask on, she refuses to show him her passport and labels him a "terrorist" for occupying her country and holding a machine gun in her face.

The unnamed woman filmed the exchange on a track in the Sumy region in northeastern Ukraine.

"Take your mask off! I just want to see what kind of person you are, aiming your machine gun at a woman,” she told him.

He replies: “Why should I take my mask off?”

The soldier can be seen approaching the car (

The driver retorts: “And why shall I show you my passport? 

“I am a citizen of Ukraine, and according to the Constitution of Ukraine I can drive freely without a passport.”

She demanded: “And why do we have to show our passports to terrorists? I am a citizen of Ukraine. I was born here! Here, this is the land I was born, do you understand?

She continues: “Why did you come - to kill my father, my children? 

The woman demanded the soldier take his mask off (

“Who the hell are you? Why are you stopping me on my land."

The video ends without showing how the situation was resolved.

Russian president Vladimir Putin began an invasion of Ukraine on Thursday (24th February) after announcing his intentions during a televised address.

Missile attacks and air strikes have been reported across Ukraine, including its capital city Kyiv and second city Kharkiv and residents have been forced to leave their homes to neighbouring countries like Poland for safety.

Featured Image Credit: e2wnews

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