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Parts of the UK set to be hotter than LA this weekend with the warmest day of the year on Saturday

Parts of the UK set to be hotter than LA this weekend with the warmest day of the year on Saturday

Some areas sadly won't be quite so lucky, as Storm Kathleen wreaks havoc with strong winds...

After a long, cold winter, it looks like sunnier times are FINALLY on their way, ready for us to get out in that beer garden for an Aperol Spritz – even if we’ve still got to take that light jacket with us...

Yep, after a much milder few weeks, it seems things are heating up even more this weekend. In fact, it’ll be so balmy, that some areas will be hotter than LA!

Of course, as all good things must come to an end, next week the picture isn’t looking quite so pretty, so you’d best get out and seize the day on Saturday, which, according to the Met Office, is expected to bring us the hottest day of the year so far.

It looks like al fresco season is finally back!
Markus Distelrath/Pixabay

Sadly, in some places it’ll be a slightly different picture, with parts of the South West, North West, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales issued a yellow warning for wind from 8am to 10pm, thanks to the effects of Storm Kathleen.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

Met Office spokesman Stephen Dixon told the PA news agency: “Away from that warning area on Saturday, we could get up to 22C in isolated spots of East Anglia which would make it the hottest day of the year so far in that area.


“One of the residual effects from Storm Kathleen is helping to draw up that warmer air as well.

“It’s not unusual for these storm systems to bring warmer air with them.”

Dixon said the outlook for Sunday for much of the UK is for ‘showery conditions to continue’, particularly in northern and western areas.

“It will generally feel a touch drier the further south-east you go through the day on Sunday as Kathleen gradually moves away northwards,” he said.

BBC Weather also said Saturday could produce some of the highest temperatures seen in the UK since the first half of October.

While some areas have a yellow warning for wind, others will be basking in sunshine this weekend.

Along with highs of 22C in East Anglia, in London it could climb up to an equally tempting 20C.

For context, in sunny California's LA this weekend it’ll be a measly 18C, which pales in comparison to our tropical climes.

“As well as bringing strong winds, it will scoop up some very mild air from the mid-Atlantic,” BBC Weather said of Storm Kathleen.

So far this year, the highest temperature we’ve seen is 19.9C, which was recorded at the end of January at Achfary in North-West Scotland.

Featured Image Credit: AntonioGuillem/Grant Faint/Getty Images

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