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Woman had to get new passport photo after being interrogated by security after transformation in Turkey

Woman had to get new passport photo after being interrogated by security after transformation in Turkey

A lot had clearly changed in a decade

At some point in time we've probably all cringed over our passport photos due to awkward smiles, dodgy makeup or a botched dye job.

However, one woman was found to have issues with hers for an entirely different reason.

Joanne Prophet took to TikTok to open up on exactly why she had to get new passport photo after she got interrogated by security following a major transformation in Turkey. Check it out:

Joanne began the story-time by telling her thousands of followers on the video's overlay text: "Finally updated my passport pic after getting interrogated every time I fly because apparently this doesn't look like me."

The jet-setter then showed her most recent passport snaps compared to her original one which, in all honestly, looks like two completely different people.

"I think I look exactly the same?" she joked in the overlay text, adding: "On a serious note, no wonder I keep getting stopped when I go through passport control."

Joanne explained to viewers: "Yeah, so that that is legit me."

Joanne Prophet revealed the reason she had to get a new passport photo.

"The reason why I've had to renew it is because I went to Turkey a couple of times now, as you all probably know, and I got pulled into a room for about an hour," she said before cracking up.

"Sorry," Joanne went on while still laughing. "I got pulled into a room for about an hour and got interrogated by about six Turkish men.

"And so obviously that was a massive concern."

She continued: "Then, when I flew back from Manchester, they had to keep looking at the picture and they said, 'You need to get this rectified because it looks nothing like you and this is probably why you keep getting pulled'."

Fair point.

Security told Joanne her previous passport photo looked 'nothing like' her.

She added: "So that picture was taken years and years and years ago because I just used the same picture from like my other passport."

Joanne revealed the snap was 'just like over 10 years old' before concluding: "But yeah it's me!

"I've proper had a glow-up haven't I?!"

She captioned the short clip: "That time i got interrogated by 6 members of passport control."

Joanne seemed to find the whole 'glow-up' ordeal hilarious.

The video has since clocked up almost 200k views, with dozens upon dozens of people eager to weigh in on the side-by-side comparison pics.

One TikTok user praised: "Wow that passport pic has gotta be the most beaut I've ever seen, I look scary as on mine."

A second chimed: "Wooow what an amazing glow-up!"

While a third confessed: "Happens to me every time I travel too! I get asked if I’ve had plastic surgery!"

And a final TikTok user admitted: "I would definitely say that’s two different women."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@joanneprophet

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