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Woman divides opinion after sharing how much intimate wedding in Greece cost

Woman divides opinion after sharing how much intimate wedding in Greece cost

She sparked a heated discussion online

We all know that weddings can often come with a pretty hefty price-tag but one woman has since split the internet in half after sharing her budget breakdown for her special day.

The woman, who goes by Natasha Travels online, took to TikTok to share with her followers just how much money she spent every step of the way for her intimate destination wedding in, Paros, Greece.

Truly living out her Mamma Mia fantasy, Natasha shared the rundown of each and every cost and spared no details.

One woman has left viewers divided after sharing the cost rundown of her intimate Greek destination wedding.

A one-week villa rental for 14 people came in at $13,000 (£10,693) complete with a stunning pool, lots of outdoor space and beautiful views.

"Instead of one day, we did one-week celebration here," the overlay text explained. "It also served as our ceremony venue."

The 'healthy wine budget' for the week totalled $400 (£329) as well as a private chef for four meals coming in at $1,500 (£1,234).

Hair and makeup was one of the cheapest outgoings at $200 (£165) with a dress for $160 (£132) and, believe it or not, a $0 suit for the groom.

Next up was flowers and decor which were $1,400 (£1,152) soon followed by photography costs for both pre-wedding and on the day itself for $1,500 (£1,234).

The rented Greek villa also served as the wedding ceremony venue.

A 'reception sunset cruise', which sounds amazing by the way, came in at $800 (£658) while a final fancy reception dinner to really end the day with a bang totalled to $970 (£798).

Natasha ended the video with the overlay text reading: "A week of memories with friends and family abroad instead of one day = PRICELESS."

She then jokingly added in brackets: "And $19,930 (£16,390)."

"This is your sign to consider a smaller wedding abroad!" the glowing bride captioned the clip. "Can't believe this is what the week cost us in a luxury villa for our small wedding attendees."

It really did look like a dream wedding.

The short clip has since gone viral after clocking up more than 1.4 million views on the platform with more than 50k likes and hundreds of comments from people eager to share their opinions on the costing rundown.

Many were in shock at the value for money with many rushing in to claim the grand total was 'not bad' at all.

One TikTok user penned: "That's actually not bad at all!"

A second echoed: "Wow that’s not bad!!"

"This is a much better way to spend the money in my opinion," declared a third.

A fourth exclaimed: "For a week celebration, heck yeah!"

Natasha called the experience 'priceless'.

"20k doesn’t seem too bad for that many people and an experience you’ll never forget," added fifth, while another wrote: "Honestly kind of a bargain ngl."

Others, however, weren't so on board with the wedding's price-tag, with one TikTok user hitting out: "Why are we normalising 20k for a wedding?!"

"Lmao that’s not cheap," commented a second.

A third revealed: "I never understood why weddings are or should be so expensive... Literally not worth it."

A final viewer commented: "Basically an arm and a leg to sell... 20k that means I need to save for a year with no expenses just for a week."

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@theworldpursuit

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