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Travel expert issues warning to female holidaymakers of major warning sign to spot at hotels

Travel expert issues warning to female holidaymakers of major warning sign to spot at hotels

You'll definitely want to remember this one

As a woman travelling alone, safety is paramount.

So, thankfully, the internet is full of tips on how to better protect our safety when on vacay.

Some of these include leaving hair in taxis, and leaving a towel by the doorl.

Sometimes, though, our safety is put at risk in ways we would have never thought twice about and accidentally, by others.

It's always good to be aware - and another tip for staying safe has hit the internet in recent days.

This tip applies to women who are staying alone in hotels.

Travel writer and TikToker @patricejwill took to the video sharing platform to urge women to act fast if the person checking them in says their hotel room number out loud.

She said: "‘They should never say your room number out loud.

"You might think that’s really excessive, but sometimes hotel lobbies even include people who aren’t even guests at the hotel."

She continued: "You don’t have to make a big deal out of it, you could just say “I would just prefer that my room number isn’t announced out loud.

"Someone who works in hospitality, they will know that they made a major mistake and they will change your room without a problem.

As a woman travelling alone, safety is paramount.
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"Especially if you’re checking into the hotel and it’s just you, they don’t see anyone with you and they hear your room number, better safe than sorry."

Patrice's video has proven to be a huge hit among the travel community, with many women reacting and sharing their own stories in return.

TikToker Darlene Octavia reacted to Patrice's video, writing "‘Thanks @patricejwill, could’ve been completely harmless but I’ve seen enough true crime shows not to risk it."

She went on to say: "This happened to me. And because I watched that video, she saved me.

"I was staying in a random little inn in the middle of nowhere. By the time I got there to check in, it was late, it was dark."

It's important to ensure nobody else knows your room number.
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She continued: "I started checking in and this older guy, a little bit strange, walks in behind me.

"He hears my accent and he says 'Oh you're from the UK', and I'm a friendly person so we started chatting.

"The guy finishes what he has to do to check me in, and says 'okay cool, your room is 262 and announces it, so the guys hears it. There's no doubt."

She then explained: "I went outside, and I've got all these bags. So I'm walking towards my room is and I'm sort of not sure where I'm going, but I walk.

"All of a sudden I hear that [strange] guy behind me. He says 'Oh, your room is this way.' So he's heard my room number and is now leading me to my room.

"As luck would have it, literally next door to his room. So now he knows, single woman, literally next door to him."

Octavia then explains she felt uncomfortable so went back to the check in desk and then explained to the man at the check-in desk what he'd done wrong.

He then asked her if she felt unsafe, and Octavia told him she did - so he changed her hotel room.

Octavia concludes, "[Patrice's video] was so informative. Better safe than sorry. And, don't feel like you're being difficult. Be authoritative. Be firm."

The comments have since been flooded with messages of support.

One person wrote: "'Don't feel like you're being difficult' suuuuch good advice! thanks for sharing and well done for trusting your gut!"

Another said: "Another Tip: always ask out loud for a second room card for ur husband if u feel unsafe."

A third chimed in: "Thank you for this. As a man, I never think about these things."

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