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Couple who thought they had booked ‘best seats’ on a plane make hilarious mistake

Couple who thought they had booked ‘best seats’ on a plane make hilarious mistake

People said they’d ‘rather fly strapped to the outside of the plane’ than land those seats...

A couple who thought they had managed to bag the ‘best seats’ on a plane only realised their hilarious mistake once they’d boarded.

Everyone has their preference when it comes to plane seats, whether you’re happy to sit near an emergency exit if it means getting the extra leg room, or will do literally anything to avoid being places near the toilets.

But one couple who thought they’d worked the system perfectly had a shock when they arrived at the seats they’d booked – with others saying they’d ‘rather fly strapped to the outside of the plane’.

Former Real Madrid footballer Sergio Carrallo posted a video on TikTok to share the unfortunate mistake with others.

They thought they had the best seats in the house at first.

“When your assistant booked 1 and 1B and you thought they were the best seats on the plane,” he captioned the video.

The clip shows him and his wife - Real Housewives of Dubai star Caroline Stanbury – sitting in their seats side-by-side.

They smile to the camera as Sergio films in selfie mode, revealing that there are no seats behind them – great news for anyone who can’t deal with getting kicked in the back by an unruly toddler.

However, there was a slight issue.

As Sergio flipped the camera, he revealed that they were in fact facing the entire plane, with their spots the only seats facing backwards... looking out awkwardly at other passengers.

“And then look at this,” he said as showed us their unique set-up.

“So we’re facing the cabin, basically.”

Many people found the clip absolutely hilarious, noting how the placement of their two seats made things seem ‘weirdly intimate’.

“Absolutely nothing could have prepared me for the camera flip,” one said, with another adding: “Imagine you are an introvert and get those seats.”

A third joked that they were the ‘in-flight entertainment’, with someone else agreeing: “It looks like you two are on the panel for a Q and A and are about to start answering audience questions.”

Others came forward to share their own similar experiences, with one saying they’d gone through the same horror when they had those seats.

They recalled: “I had those seats once!! Omg hated it. I didn’t know where to look cause I was constantly making eye contact with people.

"Decided to close my eyes and woke up with drool running down my chin.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sergiocarrallo

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