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Man explains how to get the best seat on a plane for free

Man explains how to get the best seat on a plane for free

He took to TikTok to share the hack

A TikToker has revealed how you can sit in the best seat on a place for no extra cost.

A travel influencer, known as Mashtag Travels online, has gone viral yet again after sharing his hack on how you can apparently sit at the front of the plane with extra leg room for free.

He is known for his holiday content and regularly shares tips and tricks with his followers.

In the video, he explains that he is travelling to Albania with Ryanair, and bought a standard plane ticket.

He says: “I’m about to get on a place to Albania, but I've only got a s****y seat, look at it, it's 11B.

“I'm not sitting in that, I’m going to sit at the front, with extra legroom, all you have to do is walk super confidently on.”

The man shared the hack on TikTok.

While boarding the plane, a couple of the cabin crew recognise him before he decides to sit in a window seat in the front row.

"I'm going to get that seat because they know who I am," he added.

The man explained that the majority of people refuse to pay for extra legroom online when booking their flight, leaving all those seats free when you board the aircraft.

To further prove his point, he went on to claim that he looked on the app and saw that seats on row 16 and 17 - which also has extra legroom - were free as well.

He claimed that the majority of people refuse to pay for extra legroom online.

Now, we’re not entirely sure that this is a fool-proof method as you will likely be asked to move if the seat has been booked beforehand.

Plus, it's worth noting that in the video the passengers were still boarding and it's not clear if the man remained in that seat for the duration of the flight.

It's probably just easier to stick with your designated seat to avoid the unnecessary hassle.

Warning: Video below contains strong language:

Many took to the comments to share their thoughts on the TikToker's hack.

One wrote: "The flight attendants always asks to see my ticket."

Another added: "That's easy when you're flying somewhere no one wants to go."

While a third commented: "I work for Ryanair and the amount of people that don't want leg room is crazy."

We guess it may be worth a try next time you find yourself on a flight, just be prepared in case you get asked to move!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mashtagtravel

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